Interrogation Techniques

I hope to hear about everyone’s strategies for interrogating prisoners as Prince.

My favorite is, if I think someone is say, Mastermind, is demand that they tell me who they think is probably the Mastermind.

I got a real smart answer once that tricked me but usually the guilty ones don’t directly answer the question.

i flirt with anyone I jail and execute them if they don’t flirt back or say lame things like “I’m mystic” “literally I’m easily confirmable” “my guy I telepathied yesterday with a dead sherrif this is the third night in a row you’ve jailed me, please stop making innuendos relating to your axe and saying ‘OwO pwisoner’”


marshal i don’t think you’re thinking of the right telepathy

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i say nothing
anyone who’s BD won’t waste time in waiting for me to ask them for their claim


I jail myself as Prince and pretend like I’m being productive

it was supposed to be like “telepathied when it’s a confirmed unseen game and ive been chainjailed” but i didnt want to use those words

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Giving them a countdown of three. Regardless of whether or not they take longer to post their class or not, it’s supposed to just make people outright panic and blurt out whatever.


If Prince does that to me when I’m Blue Dragon I will finish the countdown for him before I claim

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I generally just hit execute first and let them talk their way out of it

If this was a feature, it could be really helpful sometimes.

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We do not need prince to self jail

I didn’t say it would be good, I think it would be OP, as the prince could protect themselves from attacks.


Funny prince

Self-Jail and AtE