Invitation - Social Deduction Team Comps

Hey everyone,

I come here on behalf of the team behind Deduction Team Comps: a competition that aims to bring all of our beloved Social Deduction games and their respective communities together into one massive and friendly competition.

Throne of Lies will be one of the stars alongside Secret Hitler, The Resistance: Avalon, Forum Mafia, Blood on the Clocktower, and Untrusted. There will be plenty of other games and several game modes so you will be sure to find something you will like.

Deduction games aren’t the only things to do in this tournament! Despite them being a major portion, you will still be able to compete in many popular non-deduction games such as Mario Kart, 8-Ball Pool, Chess, Skribbl, Codenames, Bloons TD Battles (I was advised to bold this one specifically) and many other fun games! All games will be free and available online.

The tournament will run from July 5th to Oct 31st, but if this sounds hellishly long to you, don’t fret - the schedule is super flexible, and the games are super varied, so you can show up and enjoy whichever games specifically interest you. In past seasons we’ve had players show up to anywhere from 5 games to nearly 100 games, and everyone was able to have some good fun.

If this interests you, come join us at

P.S. Spectators welcome! The more the merrier, and we’ll be hosting practice and casual games throughout the event alongside our official games.