Its just some kind of camp (sign up)

Oh hello there. Yes. I am a roleplayer. So… before i get in with this. I will say. This is supernatural based. Dont like that? Then this will not be for you.

All the standard rules apply.

So you and other people have been mysteriously get given a letter from someone you do not know. Wether you come to the camp (which you do. No fucking choice if you decide to sign up) or wether you don’t. Now theres a twist. Everyone has some kind of supernatural ability but they have not awakened to yet.

Here you can choose to be what you want. Its completely open world!


More details please!

Looks around, before biting lower lip and bringing pinkie to her lips.
Uhmm… I’m not sure where everyone else is… They’d come… right?

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Probably, honestly. Its just open world roleplay thats everlasting and open to all. Anyone can basically do what they want as long as its in reason.)

The teen just stood at the edge of the gate. Being already summoned by the letter already. He was there to greet new people


Can’t say no!
Lemme in too!

honestly from the title i totally expected this to be a magnus game


Judging by the way i do things. If i was doing FoL id put that as the category. No?

No you misunderstand, sure magnus does some fm stuff but he also has a long string of games that are in the rp category, but still games. its weird. its kinda like dnd, but way less complexity. also actual roleplaying doesnt always happen. sometimes you represent a character in universe, but that character is you, and you are even encouraged to used meta knowledge.

like i said, real weird, but im interested in them

Also Its more like a game than rp

yeah but its nowhere near the forum games tag so its under rp


chill out a bit man


Should i be flattered, or insulted?

Take it with a good pinch of salt :3

Suppose so.
I wonder what would happen if the two of us hosted a misc/rp together.
Would Chaos follow?


Stands Firm.
Oh wait, wrong game.

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