Jane's AMA thread

Ask me anything.

I cannot guarantee I will respond.

how did you choose your (current) username? what about your former username?

What’s a popular opinion you hold, an unpopular opinion you hold, and an uncontroversial opinion you hold?

I chose it because Jane is really similar to my actual name and I really like The Mentalist.

My former username was something I came up with like 8 years ago, the first letter of my name + “goes gaming”

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what’s something you’ve realized about yourself in the past year?

what’s something “harmless” about you that you’ve nonetheless never told anyone?


What is the meaning of life?

Arete isn’t bad at FM.

Pretender is a good class.

Arete isn’t bad at FM.

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who hurt you?

That I don’t have certain feelings I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to have.


That I want to move to Iceland.

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which ones? you don’t have to answer this one

what’s an incorrect assumption most people make about you? whats a correct assumption most people make about you?


No idea.

Do you want a list?

we’re the ones asking questions, not you


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I don’t know if you remember, but like a few months ago I said that a classmate/friend of mine died of cancer.

I didn’t feel anything, so I pretended to be sad, like everyone else was.


People apparently think I can solve literally any computer problem.

That I can help them with their maths homework.

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