JoaT King + PK Buff

Tenacity and Loyal Subjects stay the same
PK gains the following passive: In Other Shoes: When you are crowned, you will be prompted with a menu of different class types. Choose a class type, you will count as being crowned from this one for the rest of the game.
Royal Finger uses reduced to three, elected king one use, unless you were crowned from a Social class, in which case you get three (Point meta ew)
Decide Fate stays the same
Night Ability: Head of State (replaces Guards, SG, and ISG, but not Fatal Guards): Use one of the following abilities. If you are elected, you will only get to use the one corresponding to your class type:
Order Execution (Killer) : Attack target player. Two uses, lose this ability when you attack an ally. If you are the starting King, you only get one use.
Duties (Offensive) : Occupy target player. Unlimited uses. If you are the starting King, you only get two uses.
Close Allies (Investigative and Special) : Learn if target player is a member of your faction. Three uses, starting King only gets one use.
Improved Safeguard (Support) : Make target player immune to death. Can target self. Three uses (No reduction for starting king)

So first thing is…

there’s a lot of ifs and buts.

Like there’s a lot of exceptions in this that this is very a confusing class


Like do you want all of them?

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Ok so…

PK gains special passive wierd passive.
Elected Kings only get one use of Royal Finger
But Social Crowns keep 3???
OE is two uses, but if your starting King it’s 1
Duties is infinite uses, but 2 uses if startig King
Close Allies is 3 uses, but if you’re King it’s 1

How is any of that confusing?

A lot of wierd little rules here in there… which makes it wierd.

Also EK and CK make this really wierd as well.

No buff for social???








intresting but ultimately makes starting king even swingier

65% chance to have a BD 3x doublevoter 2x occupier 1x vig 1x cop 3x doctorbutbetter

35% chance for all of that to be against the BD


You hear the words sorc bomb in your head

ok but
sorc doesn’t rand every game

thats the only exception smh

also, all of those king actions are immune to being tracked/watched/redirected/occupied

im surprised i forgot that part

I’m having a hard time reading this, what