JoatJoatJoat13 - Dead Chat

I’m dumb and forgot to make this

it exists now

villagers let me know if you want spoilers

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it is lonely in the afterlife

is there some extreme galaxy brain stuff going on or did the mafia actually attack a doctor target


The Mafia attacked eevee, who was doctored by Min

I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known

Petition to enable ITAs so I have a dead village friend to banter with :^)

hi there guys

I was writing up a post last night and then fell asleep, come on and post it and then read through to see that I was hammered -_-

Guess I’m continuing my C2 death streak poggers

Hello friend

how do it be going

Are I allowed to know the scumteam?

I swear wind is so self aware I’m going to be annoyed if she isn’t on it

Maple too

Spoilers :eyes:

Intensify - Mafia JoaT
PKR - Mafia Goon

Min - JoaT A
Eli - JoaT B

that also makes sense with the iso posted today by intensify, imo


people: people paying little attention probably scum because of the mafia kills
Light: Yo shurian bad for hammering
people: …

I hope people will follow all my reads.

They won’t, but like… I hope.

Let’s see…

Kick PKR
Trust Shurian
Trust Maple
Trust Windward
Trust Min
Trust Eli
Trust Derps
Trust Ilwei

Yeah… I was about right.

Meanwhile cleared myself and joats survived.
Too bad we didn’t get another lynch, but whatever.

If I see another person complaining on me doing nothing in game… I’m gonna punch them in the face.


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