JoatJoatJoat13 - Informed Spec Chat

You are…

Junko Enoshima, Informed Spectator

“Until you see it with your own eyes, truth and falsehood overlap one another.”
You are an Informed Spectator. You have access to the roles and alignments of every player in the game.

Enjoy reading the game.

Intensify - Mafia JoaT - Celestia Ludenberg
Marluxion - Mafia Goon - Sayaka Maizono
PokemonKidRyan - Mafia Goon - Yasuhiro Hagakure
Min - Town JoaT A - Kyoko Kirigiri
EliThePsycho - Town JoaT B - Mondo Owada
Illwei - Leon Kuwata
WindwardAway - Aoi Asahina
eevee - Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Light - Toko Fukawa
Maple - Chihiro Fujisaki
Shurian - Sakura Ogami
ArcticXI - Byakuya Togami
SirDerpsAlot - Hifumi Yamada

anyone with no role listed is VT

wowee that rand is so scumsided

Marl scum, ooh this is gonna be fun. Most likely person to pick up on it would be eevee. Also i thought osie was playin

he switched to backup because he wasn’t sure he’d have enough time

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also nice pfp

manti derps v/v

wolves currently trembling

Marlu Mafia?
Yeah Town loses.

arc obv town

nothing else

Night actions?

oh, we have some spicy ones


  • PKR kills eevee
  • Intensify roleblocks Eli
  • Eli voyeurs WindwardAway
  • Min heals eevee
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gaming as fuck

why would u not take the extension, whats wrong with people. It christmas

fuck off mom and dad! Im not helping you open presents or make cookies, I have to accuse people on the internet of being werewolves!!