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Mukuro Ikusaba, Uninformed Spectator

You are an Uninformed Spectator. Every day, you may read the thread to determine the alignments of the players. You have access to a PM where you can discuss the game with other uninformed spectators.

Solve the game and enjoy reading it.

those are some good intensify vote, would be funny if he got hammered.

min AtEing already…

oh god no Min is transforming into Leafia


game solved Intensify/PKR/Min.


more like



but that joat claim was REALLY ass, and wolfy lmfao

this game is a hot mess LMFAO

is this gonna turn into valhalla?

because I’m gonna admit that the threadstate D1 was what killed my activity and wim regardless of alignment

Why is everyone playing so horribly

Not everyone here is a wolf

so what do you all think of those JoaT claims

min scum period

Manti is just
Being manti

Eevee isnt joat either prob

Min’s claim is wolfy as hell but their frustration feels genuine (Townie at a glance)

Basically the only one i somewhat trust


This is one of the worst Day-1s ive seen on this site

No direction
No teamwork or towncore forming

And everyone is wolfy as fuck lmfao

I now wish i stayed as a backup ayaya

why? do you want to sub in to this chaos?

If i sub into a wolf slot its easy pickins

If i sub into a town slot i could potentially pull shit together and make people stop being stupid