Just thought of a terrible setup (feel free to post your own)

so wait what’s the point of it then

I guess purely for mod bot?

Makes a bit of sense I guess then

Might host more games then

I guess it would be cooler if I could put it on the queue here but advertise it more on MU

I want to play with some new people y know

theres nothing stopping you

i only didn’t do it because part of the motivation i had with sonic was to make more FoLers aware of MU/the software

and then i still had to search a bit to find subs but shh

hey just asking

i can make as many alts as i want right

just making sure

i dont think theres a problem with that but if you wanna be safe i have like 5-6 accounts from various hydra games i can help you test with if you wanna just dm me on disc or something

I also have 5-6 alts for testing stuff if you need that

one of those alts is also a katzen alt but that is not relevant

1-Shot vig
JoaT (2xRoleCop, 2xTracker, 2xJailkeeper)

finally I’m happy with the role list

I know you asked for bad setups but here’s a good setup instead

3x Mafia Goon
2x Town Jack Of All Trades (9x Doctor, 9x Motion Detector, 9x Tracker)
10x Vanilla Townie


Arete sure loves that mod feature

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@katze arete doesnt capitalize it like that

I literally haven’t been doing any of them >:(

the other mods are bullying me >:(


someone tell me not to put 96/0 the one i cannot kill on the MU queue

No one should be forced to play this

Found a bad setup.

Yeah, I still exist, I’m just not playing.



one day we will run fol on mu

one day

why do you exist

running clocktower or fol on MU

which one gets me hosting blacklisted faster i wonder

Run old ruins FoL

Glad to have you back Vulgard!