Katze - ask me anything

hello katze here

ask anything that isnt against rules and i answer


why do you suck

idk i was born this way

why do you suck

holy shit is that THE chloe

big fan

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ok but fr how are the cats

shut up weeb

Why are you like this?

lemme find a pic of sensei

what is the best chess piece?
what are your thoughts on chloe?
what are your thoughts on the current political climate of zimbabwe?
what do you think the world needs to do in order to create a sustainable environment while also compensating for the necessary economic processes to keep those countries alive?
if you have to change one thing about the forum what would you change (esp people you would ban)?
is banana the best?



How confused will people be when they re-read thread and your name has changed?


this is the take i want the most katze

kanye west?
do you remember the 21st night of september?
are you making fucking mac and cheese?
why are you reading this?
why are we alive in the first place?

Is that Simons Cat

Katze what is your favorite anime

When are you gonna buy Persona 4

katze why did you set a picture of my cat as your pfp i hate you

i tend to pick the shoe, but sometimes i go for the battleship

i think about her 24/7
i cant accurately portray my thoughts in text

okay this is difficult
yesterday i was leaning no
but rn im a hard yes

the easiest way to create a healthy sustainable environment, while not destroying economies is to kill all the humans

i’d change my name


Chloe be nice to ya sister