King for Another Day Tournament

They’re back.

Not all participants are revealed (32 in total, featuring all the vets sans HyperCam and newcomers
Quote and Adam Levine), but of all of the veterans, who do you wish to win?

  • Geno
  • ZUN
  • Thanos
  • Solid Snake
  • DJ Professor K
  • King Dedede
  • Off the Hook (ft. Glenna Nalira)
  • Wario Partners. LLP (Wario Bros.)
  • [STAND MASTER] “Wierd Al” [STAND NAME] "Beat It ("Wierd Al Yankovic/ Michael Jackson)
  • Pitbull and the Aliens (Pitbull/ Popoy and Marcianito from the Dancing Alien Team)
  • The Joycon Men (Reggie/Etika)
  • Men In Black (Will Smith, Howard from the Dancing Alien Team)
  • Metal Ajit Pai (Ajit Pai)

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Adam Levine:


Johnny Bravo

Mr. Krabs

Mariya Takeuchi and Dr. Robotnik

Okay, but… what is this?

Hey get outta here

I was gonna bump the old thread

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Weird Al cos JoJo reference

Out of all Thanos is the only one I know

You don’t know the Wario Bros?
You don’t know Pitbull? Popoy? Michael Jackson?

Don’t know first 3(of above)

You don’t know the Wario Bros???
Have you never played a Mario spinoff game?
I feel bad

Pitbull’s a rapper (Mr Worldwide, sung Timber and Give me Everything)
Popoy is the alien in Dame Tu Cosita

What the hecc is this

I don’t know what it’s for but I’m voting my boi Dedede

I’ll put it in the OP

I’m surprised Adam Levine is in here and I’m actually pretty excited for him (Although my loyalty stays with Off the Hook)

Everyone is here!

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Also I’m going for wario bros because he didn’t make it in smash let waluigi have this

My vote’s with Off the Hook; not because I played Splatoon 2, but because their songs are absolute bangers.


Yet again

DJ Professor K has my loyalty


Added reveal trailers for all confirmed newcomers.

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Krabs konfirmed.



“Why is this in my recommended” and “PINGAS” added.

I loved the Dr. Robotnik reveal trailer

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