Lack of Signups

Lacks of signups is something I’m really concerned about right now. We’ve once had ten people spectate rather than signup to a game. We’re barely filling games upwords of 20p which should be common to fill.
That begs the question; why do people not sign up?

My thoughts go to a few places, as well as thoughts from others. Unfortunately we cannot have significant impacts on a lot of these issues such as time schedule however what we can help with is other numerous issues like setup types.

As a setup creator myself I have multiple ideas for a lot of setups (N.1 and myself are currently designing one) and I have WoW:BfA v2 on the way. However I’d like to expand the horizons a bit to higher playerlist which at it’s current state is impossible as seen of recent signup numbers.

If you have either not signed up for a game, considered not signing up or were thinking about stop playing I’d like to ask of you to fill out this form. For those of you that do, I’ve added a question for why you remain playing the forum games.

The intent of this survey/form is to improve signups by either deciding we need to take a course of action like hosting another NFoL to gain new players if the heaviest aspect of people not signing up is reasons outwith the setup or giving insight to setup creators in which setups will fill best and how to design them.

I’d like to comment publicly here.
No matter whether you are extremely busy IRL or not busy whatsoever IRL, playing in FM games inevitably takes a toll on mental health.
It’s why ppl like Emilia and Priestess quit from playing and why I’m on the verge of doing so.


I’m aware that mental health is an issue and one we unfortunately can’t make a significant impact on.
If this happens to be the case for even more members of the forum we’ll have to resort to opening new NFoLs for a potential solution.

My mental health is actually not that bad (anymore)
but playing FM is a huge amount of stress
I would not do it again even when I’m completely fit

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I’m happy to see that you are better Priestess. I understand that FM puts a lot of stress on people.
Would you be comfortable playing a more misc-oriented game that wouldn’t have as much stress placed on you?

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Turbos are fine for me, unless they have lots of FM mechanics which i dont understand
Idk about misc, ive never played anything like that

Something like Minority Rule I’d consider Misc.

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Idk what that is
as long as it has only a little amount of social deduction, sure

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for me once hit a certain size i dont join.
so like i probably wouldnt join a 20p game of some sort on average, but i very well might join a 12p version of the same game

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I personally overall find the process of playing a game more frustrating than enjoyable