Laissez Un Faire Turbo - Game Over

Gamers Are Oppressed, And Aren’t Allowed To Host Games Inside Of Other Games Any More

Can we get an F in the chat. Can we also get 5 /ins in the chat for this Epic™ Blood on the Clocktower game.

Day length - As long as I feel like.
Night length- As long as I feel like, shorter than 5 minutes.

  1. An_gorta_Pratai
  2. Wazza
  3. Marluxion
  4. GGhana

We can also host with 6 people.

when will this happen

When it fills.

sure, /in

me bored
me /in

Two Of Five (Or Maybe Six)


restating that I am still /in



PIgeon has joined.


Please confirm you are still up for this, given that it’s been 2 hours. The game will begin after 15 minutes, to give time for you all to prepare, and time for a 6th player to show up.


(my like is my confirmation)

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I’m here

I can still play yes, just ping me on discord when d1 starts ici

Ghana’s seen my discord dm about it I think.

Is it 1 Leviathan 1 Minion 3 Townsfolk?

I’m still up

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Alright. I’ll send out roles momentarily!

The first night has begun, and will end in a few minutes.

Hell’s Librarian is in play.