Looking for subs for NUF (4 needed!)

I am looking for 2 subs for a FM at questionably the 2nd worst forum to play at.


@Mami, @Magnus, @N.1, @PoisonedSquid, @SirDerpsAlot, @Geyde, @sulit, @GamerPoke, @Alice, @Insanity


What day is it on

@katze, @Italy, @Frostwolf103, @Possessed, @Wazza

…aaand that’s about everyone, more or less.
I only need 2 subs after all.

I need subs; it’s ongoing.

the forum looks ugly

Oh, a troll. How lovely.


imma make an cc

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You know

I’ll join, sure

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I made an account but I can’t post nani

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I made an acc and posted in the thread zonezy mentioned me in

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oh wait I need to confirm the email thing

one second let me clear up the icloudstorage

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I’ll join if you still need a sub

I don’t even see a way to make an account lmao

Give me a moment. I am trying to contact the moderator there.

It should be next to log in… perhaps use PC?
Then again, Marshal and sulit are already going as sub, so I don’t know whether you still want to make an account.

If their gonna sub then it should be good

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@ me if you need me to make an acc

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How about no?