Mafia Avatar Wars Art contest

I’m hosting an art contest where you create mafia themed avatars.

You must also explain it.

Example Entry

I made a half self portrait on the left side of the blade to represent my town self, and the right side is representing my dark/mafia side.

You can also add if you are submitting for fun or if you would like to participate in the contest.

Entries open for a month

My current avatar is probably fine: It’s a faceless person wearing a monochrome gas mask.

I see things radically; only in black or white. I tend to irritate and aggravate people with beautiful colors because of how stubborn I am once I have my mind set on one thought.
Oftentimes, I would be deadset on a wrong thought, and even if I were to realize that, I would still support that thought.

Not related to mafia

I wear a mask because I don’t want to show my true face, but I have worn this mask for so long that it essentially has become my true face.
I chose a gas mask because it was cool. Nothing more, nothing less.

I didn’t draw any eyes because -aside from the fact that it would cost me more effort to draw eyes- I didn’t want to see anything anymore.
No beauty in the world could make me unsee the filth that I have seen.


I’m using Maki Harukawa as my pfp.


I have reasons for choosing Maki. It goes into spoiler territory if I were to explain why.

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My guy is a beautiful glue monke.

No questions asked