MafiaUniverse Hydra Event 2020!

Tl;Dr: Big event where people pair up with other people and play games with other pairs of people.

Go get some friends, or don’t, I just want to let this be known.


3/4 hydras from our community are joy themed, great representation.

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I planned to participate, but not sure now, since I’m taking a break from FM and this is rather soon.

guys what the fuck are these hydras
at least pretend we’re competent :rofl:


i am down to hydra with someone as long as the game is in the 2nd half of November or later
otherwise it’s going to mess with my scheduling


  • memes
  • fun
  • solving the game (or screwing around if we’re mafia, as mafia do)
  • would be nice to have a shared timezone so we can spam each other, but it’s not a 100% requirement

3 joy creatures and an ayaya

tbh if i didnt make the ayaya account half a year ago we coulda gone 4/4

one day ill hydra with you vul

you’ll probably want to murder me and will never want to play with me again after it but it’d be fun

im already doing two games and i don’t think i can physically handle 3?

i think @Insanity is looking for people to hydra with?
pinging so they can confirm cause i might totally just be wrong

I guess I will pass for now because I don’t think I have enough time to play?

Meh, I will probably play if it’s early December or December 28th mash.

please tell me there won’t be more than one of them in the same game

the worst is yet to come

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Pretty sure I am still banned from MU, so I probably won’t join.

I can’t imagine this being possible

I don’t know m8, I’m willing, but like… last requirement might be a problem.

oh bruh
i can envision massive hydra dissonance with that one

i would rather be mostly in sync with my hydra partner actually
makes the game less difficult / exhausting to play

u live in same country

that literally means nothing when it comes to hydra dissonance

I wanna hydra with you OwO


Oh goodness


we will become pepega

seriously though i’d be down