Magic: The Gathering Discussion Thread

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read the title


Sultai ultimatum

yeah I was about to post that
the biggest downside looks like the “monocoloured” part

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Mono coloured is funny to stop u searching up 3 more ultiamtums in standard lol

lol the fucking ultumatum cycle shows up out of nowhere
ikoria is such a meme

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Otherwise u could search up another sultai ultiamtum with this lmao

problem is a lot of Sultai Goodstuff cards are stuff like Uro, which is multicoloured, which significantly lowers Emergent Ultumatum’s power

Yeah in standard it’s less good honestly.

Agent of treachery, Nissa? Idk.

Agent of Treachery and Nissa, Who Shakes The World are definitely two of the choices, but I can’t think of a third game-winning card

U could just get spark double. Either double Nissa double agent or both.

Ir they’re control I’d get that 6 mana exile all non creature cards from hand actually

oh yeah this card is fantastic in BO3, since sideboard cards work really well with it, i think

that sounds about right
so their choice is between two nissas, two agents, or one of each
that seems like a pretty rigged choice

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In historic brawl u could get omniscience and probably more back breakin stuff aswell like extra turn affects

ah, actually
Yarok, maybe?

I hope the jeskai ultimatum is cool

no wait monocoloured lol fuck me ignore me

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6 mana lilian maybe

Or if ur doing creatures new 5 mana tutor vivien

“Dedicated Ultimatum WWUUURR - Cast all Instants and/or Sorceries from your hand without paying its’ mana cost, then gain 1 life.”

i’ve done it

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