Maid(Blue Dragon Investigator) and Waitress(Unseen Investigator) - Actually Implemented eeeeeeeeeeeee


Day Ability 1: Poke Around
Look in someone’s Bedchambers to determine their class type - 1 use

Night Ability 1: Matchmake
Try to ‘hook up’ 2 players, you will be told whether they are compatible or not(See Below) - Infinite Uses

Night Ability 2: Service
Check a person to see if they are a Royal or not - Infinite Uses

Members of opposing Factions are not compatible
Members of Neutral Factions are compatible with every Neutral Faction that they can win with
Royals are not compatible with each other that would be wierd
The King and Fool are not compatible with anyone
The Mercenary is compatible with her target no matter the faction

Prince + Observer - Compatible
Prince + Nightwatch - Not Compatible
Duchess + Nightwatch - Compatible
Duchess + Aristocrat - Not Compatible
Possessor + Alchemist - Compatible
Possessor + Reaper - Not Compatible
Alchemist + Observer - Not Compatible


Day Ability 1: Poke Around
See Maid

Night Ability 1: Matchmake
Check 2 players to see if they’re the same class type - Infinite Uses

Night Ability 2: Room Service
Occupy a player - 2 Uses


Based on the Mafia role Parity Cop


I really like these, I would love to see them in the game! :smiley:

:smiley: thanks man

Good idea.

Thanks c:

that sounds fREAKING AWESOME pls implement

All this support


The compatible thing is too confusing. I like the idea, it has potential but I just don’t get it.

It’s parity cop.

What is Black Rose? Kappa

Black Rose Investigator? :wink:

I like this idea though.

Also, what do you think of this:

Waitress -> Lady-in-waiting

I suggest the Blue Dragon Role be renamed as ‘maid’ is referred to in Noble abilities now

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i’m assuming players of the same faction are compatible, provided they are not both royals?

it never specifies if they would be compatible or not, only that members of opposing factions are not compatible.

Also, the problem with this class is that you have to memorize all these combinations.

Also, waitress is horridly under powered.

Lastly, maid has match make and waitress has match make, even though they do different things; this will be very confusing for new players.

It’s in the example…

By the way, this class has proven successful in Forum of Lies…

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It was a fluke, probably.

And I bet you would know all about it.