Merc GMin thread

I went to DM Hoard of the Dragon Queen
And we’re in the middle of chapter 1
By the way, a very good part was that they stole a religious figure with a Tiamat symbol
And they asked Eadryan (priest) who was the god of this statuette
Eadryan had +7 in Religion
But none of that matters
Because Eadryan rolled 1 on d20
And now they are so believering that it was a cult of Bahamut, the 5-headed metallic dragon, that was attacking the city
And that Tiamat is a big yellow chromatic dragon, the only yellow one in the world

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English please next time thanks

I pasted it on Google Translate

And it was a WhatsApp sequel
So the GTesque format with cut sentences is bc they were different messages

And here is a 30min sketch of BAHAMUT


The dwarf who listened to the priest now told the halfling about Bahamut
And the halfling is a chatterbox
Soon everyone will think Bahamut is attacking the fortress

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Very high risk very high reward with how this plays out

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Fun thing is that they spared the cultist whom they stole the symbol from. They then tried to kill the cultist but it had enough HP to survive a hit. The cultist played dead after the first hit and rolled 18, higher than everyone’s Passive Insight.
Then I planned to put this cultist in another encounter but without the mask they stole from them (the symbol is fine, plents of dead acolytes with symbols of Tiamat too so he is able to spellcast) where another enemy they spared as well and a cultist playing two instruments at the same time were all laughing in a circle around a winged kobold teaching a wyrm brass dragon how to dance.
I planned this before they ever had this dialogue.
Now they have material to fuel their conspiration theory.

You can read it???

I edited it to be slightly more readable


What gave you the idea to do this

Me seeing my rebalancing notes on the encounter and having to rerebalance it
I had to gimp the dragon wyrm from a CD 2 to a CD 1, where iirc there are only Brass and Silver dragons
And noticing that the remaining of the mobs were similar to mobs they spared in the past

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Thanks a players absence for my need to rerebalance the encounter

There are things in their favor for the encounter
First that I usually do morale checks and three guys will make them right off the bat: The two cultists they spared before and the wyrm. Brass wyrms are very shy to battle.
Second that if one of those cultists run, the other mobs will be trigger a morale check because they are their leader.

So it is chain reaction hell
Justified because I accidentally overmobed them before (I am adjusting the adventure for less battles but in a situation to pick 1 from 3 fights they simply fought 2 and ran from the other, aside me forgetting not to make an encounter for noticing their secret passage that was on the sourcebook).

Overall this combat will be a piece of cake because they are fighting in a 2x4x1 squares room and the main features of two of them are to become Huge creatures

be moon circle druid
can’t wildshape

be rune knight
can’t become giant

be monk
can’t use your 40ft speed

Reminds me of another fun scene
Kobold: crits at monk with a sling
Glass cannon monk: cries
Me: it is a projectile, monk
Glass cannon monk: big hype

also it is the same adventure where I DMed Hollow Knight to them

So I was DMing

And searched for CR 3-4 swarms to find a Swarm of Infection

And then for a CR 3 humanoide for the swarm to possess

And I have found a Knight

One hour later I noticed how THK the entire fight was

Bonus that the Knight has a greatsword