Mercenary Rework (more towards the original concept)

Mercenary (Neutral Support)
Contracted (Passive) - You’ll be give two targets and you are Immune to occupation and redirection.
Failure (Passive) - If your contracts both die you’ll end your own life at the end of night.
Don Armour (Day) - Make yourself Immune to death tonight - 2 Uses.
Stand Guard (Night) - Occupy all non-conversion visitors on one of your contracts - 4 Uses.
Rebound (Night) - Occupy and Attack a player who accused one of your targets of Treason, cannot target other contract - 1 Use.

Goal: Make sure at least one of your contracts survive. Contracts cannot be: Starting Kings, Prince, Knight, Butler, Hunter, Heretic, Inquisitor, Mercenary, Possessor, Scorned or Fool(edited)


Is this based off of FoL merc?

Pretty much but for something more suited to Tol

I also disagree with Merc having 4 Death immunites while guarding and Rebound would likely toxic for something like Fol but be fine with normal Tol.

OG merc had 4 DIs though

Yeah I’m not really a fan of that and Older merc was around when Tol would be a little longer (alch also had 4 stoneskins)

Alch contract seems too OP.

Considering Alch and Merc can already team up and play off each other well I’d say not

Is this needed?

Considering it’s a class that uses occupation protection I’d figure so, weird interactions would likely happen between mercenary and Enforcer ect.

why not these

also just say it can’t be any neutral, having to remember that it can’t be some neutrals or the others kinda make it too complicated for most ppl

Original merc was dropped for being swingy

But it really wasn’t lol and it’s not swigy look at current merc and ask if you’d actually think its any less swingy cuz it’s really not infact at least contract merc is inclined to side a certain way while curremt merc isn’t

Could easily be on a cheat sheet tips like maid.

Pretty obvious classes like butler and heret8c can’t be contracts and hunter has a high survival rate already

Too copypasta

og merc, from what I gather, was first changed to only have one contract in order to prevent strats where you killed first contract to get prince. this had a multitude of issues for obvious reasons
The second version suffered from being super punishing to play since a wolf contract just loses you the game usually because wolves don’t live that long in ToL. In addition it had an influence on rand to such a degree that it confirmed king alignment due to weighting iirc

didn’t og merc have force pardon or something
very not swingy yes

that was v2 merc
where they only had one contract and it couldn’t change

If contract merc were to exist, this would be best version

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Does this have force pardon???