Mini Patch v2.4.0d

This is an extension of v2.4a+




  • Neutrals should now win without NK and display properly as winning (preventing stalemates, causing the game to never end - and losses that should be wins).
  • Chinese region is now split when you select the locale (Chinese friends may now queue up normally – no need for private games! Use Discord for initial population gathering since it will start low).
  • Fixed some awkward English<>Chinese swapping button bugs that would sometimes only partially switch the locale.
  • Fixed weirdness with day abilities when you have 2 abilities (such as being able to still use Reaper abils after using them which would only drain the # of charges). Probably fixed more than just Reaper.
  • Should no longer display Neuts being Psycho King when they’re not when revealed as dead.

Quality of Life

  • Discord rich presence now shows your final class name and the portrait of that class when you’re at the end screen.
  • Added memo regarding King’s Decide Fate about eating Hunter Retribution arrow. This may change later. I added it @ Decide Fate, but will probably move it to Retribution next patch.
  • You can now see which region the room is hosting at the top of lobby rooms.