Mini Patch v2.4.1

This is an extension of v2.4a+



We’re about done with hotfixes, so can probably combine the next patch with something more interesting. This should be a nice checkpoint~

Bug Fixes

  • This was actually cloud fixed, but for those that missed the memo: Fixed “Queue as Group” and the bug that was causing players’ rich presence (eg, “Queued”) to not properly update when creating/joining a game (which would further mess up the “Follow Friend” feature).
  • Fixed major bug that was causing Day 1 abilities to not be properly disabled, fixing the exploit for infinite Reaper day abils, Sorc day abils, Assassin’s double abils, etc (any class that gets 2 day abils probably fixed some annoying bugs).
  • Maid’s Nosy Servants abil 2nd panel now allows you to select dead targets as intended.
  • May have fixed Mastermind Dirty Work exploit during trial. This is hard to test, though - please DM me in Discord, if not.
  • Fixed Defile/Disguise (and should have auto-fixed other issues that are similar, like Possessor).
  • Regular silence should no longer override a Reaper’s Icy Touch (Chill).
  • Day abilities now disable when <6 seconds on day 1 like other day ends.
  • Fixed exploit to spam-click abilities to activate them early, such as Prince Execute (For real this time).
  • Classes that shouldn’t win while dead no longer do.
  • Sellsword should now be able to win with Draw.

Optimization + Stability

  • Disconnections (especially when on the loading screen) should now be more-streamlined: You’ll be immediately thrown back into the lobby instead of seeing an infinite loading screen (or wherever you got d/c’d). This should also handle the “Empty Throne” bug, as well, caused by the same thing (server desync, usually).
  • We’re now using a more-optimized flavor of coroutines (code that repeats over-and-over) instead of Unity’s crap default one. This should use less resources and have less chance of memory leak.
  • ^ This new thing also has a special “cancel” detection on game shutdown. Maybe this will help that lingering exit lag? We’ll see. Narrowing it down over time.
  • Leaving an in-game match would cause you to Disconnect from our realtime servers instead of just leave the room. This may have a performance boost and prevent weirdness when returning to lobby.
  • Fixed dead names, eg “BDKingStart”
  • Completely removed GameAnalytics package. We haven’t used it in like a year, even though it’s been there – we used to use them for those fancy graphs (before they nerfed it).

Quality of Life

  • Night abilities now fade-in 1-second faster.
  • You’ll now know if YOU got d/c’d or if the SERVER d/c’d you. If the server d/c’d you, it’ll let you know you were simply unlucky :stuck_out_tongue: When you get booted to lobby, you’ll now see a white fading text below the “Start Solo” button.
  • The name selection background has changed from the summer castle to the winter castle.
  • Event item store label saying “New!” now says “Limited Event!” or… something like that :thinking: it may not be new to you.


  • Paladin (聖騎士) has been corrected.
  • Physician (御醫) has been corrected.






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:eyes: plz give us new classes

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I’d take changes over new classes Ranger excepted

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What’s Ranger? Why did you type Archer first?

They changed my class’s name


Also would be down with Priest and Gladiator I guess lol

Actually maybe moreso than Ranger in current ToL

But also a King rework or changes to Prince and Observer would honestly be more hype

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you fools

clearly astromancer is coming


You’re really in denial, aren’t you? O_o


I agree. We have enough classes to fit most niches. More wouldn’t unwelcome of course for the most part. But changes to existing classes would be a bigger potential improvement

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I thought xblade expressed the didn’t want to add new classes for a while or am I wrong?

I can think of a few that could use more coverage, but in general I agree that enough is covered where changes will be better than additions at this point in time.

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yaaas queen!


Wow I scrolled up and could not find that quote, so disappointed.