Mini Patch v2.7.0b

Mostly fixing patch bugs from: &

Notable Class Fixes

  • Handmaiden’s Analyze abil 2nd targeting slot now works again (thx @Jaffa5x).
  • Maid’s Matchmaking abil will no longer always show as a match when targeting Mastermind with their In The Shadows abil active (thx @TheDirector).
  • Secondary Cultists can no longer be an Inquisitor-marked Heretic (thx numerous reporters).

Minor Class Fixes

  • Fixed Drunk hover ability text showing incorrect text.
  • Added memo to Handmaiden’s Analyze abil for clarity: Can't Target King.
  • Bountiful amounts of class card feedback/notification fixes.
  • Some perspective feedback bugs were fixed, such as if you attacked yourself or redirected someone to yourself (instead of showing your own name in 3rd-person perspective).


  • Start Early options availability bumped up to 12 mins offpeak, 15 mins peak.
  • Server-buffered lobby chat has returned (lobby chat history on join).
  • Fixed lobby’s top-left panels: Now better-aligned and immobile (thx @tons of reporters).
  • “Any Starting King” stat is now interactable.
  • Set max stats win rate to 100% and lowest to 0%.
  • Made lowest and highest stats (0%/100%) omit decimal points.


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