Mini Patch v3.0.1: Clicky Links


  • Underlined links are finally clickable! And more:
    • Class cards (both lobby and in-game) now open glossary upon clicking underlined keywords.
    • In-game chat will underline and faction color class names to show it’s clickable. This is for both system chat and player chat.
    • Common acronyms are also clickable from player chat, such as “cw” for court wizard.

Major Fixes

  • Better spawning: While it’s too hard to test without a full match, in theory:
    • Mercs should now be unique - for real (we hope).
    • Paladins and Sheriffs should no longer go over max expected # (ancient rare bug).
    • If one of these bug fixes worked, they likely all worked.

Minor Fixes

  • Fixed survey issues.
  • Fixed a couple silence icon issues.
  • You will no longer see “you gained 0 brilders!” We’ll only show positive gains (since 0 is assumed).
  • Hide day abilities on game over with fancy fade.
  • Moved MVP vote over more to the right.
  • Fixed MVP anchoring for misc resolutions that’d “shift” the panel over to the right.


  • [Major] Fixed Seeker that was not returning the type.
  • Patched in some missing Chinese that was still English. Let me know, if more!
  • Fixed some vertically-misaligned buttons.
  • English surveys will no longer show for Chinese locale.
  • Localized the end screen.

What do you see then?

Nothing, since you gained nothing. You’ll only see positive gains.

i dont know why this brought to What is Love, but sure ill listen to the bop it is again

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Hotfix v3.0.1a is live

Mostly locale fixes. Exciting, eh? :slight_smile: