Mini Patch v3.0.2: 3rd Anniversary Event + Draggables

Event: 3rd Anniversary

  • To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, @ those that login within the next 2~3 weeks, you will be rewarded with an exclusive, progressive title and avatar similar to the previous anniversary rewards.
  • To those that hang out within our Discord ( ) shortly after this patch launches, you will receive an exclusive/colored Kingslayer III role that will never be handed out again. We will do a small purge before we hand out this role, so be sure you’ve participated at least once within the past month!
  • Ends Oct 31

Event: Moon Festival


  • Ends Oct 31


  • You now have the ability to disable chat clicky links in options. Although it says glossary links, this also applies to class card links in chat. (Requires further testing for a future update)
  • When you click your class portrait at the top-left, it will now always open your class card. Pressing TAB will continue “resuming” whatever the previous class card was.
  • Tutorial now mentions the glossary for acronyms.
  • Added a new “draggable” cursor (the compass-like one) for things draggable.
  • Added new draggable goodies (that, like chat, reset each game):
    • Whisper panel
    • Pardon/Execute panel
    • “Step Forward” button (the outside area)
  • Allowed the chat to resize larger and wider (ability buttons on top).
  • Chat resizer is now less “wonky” (for lack of a better word) after exceeding max thresholds.
  • Draggables demo:


  • Sorc’s day abils should be more consistent.
  • You can no longer see friends online that are in different regions to prevent confusion when joining/inviting would fail.
  • You can no longer receive queued invites from those in another region (it would fail, anyway, if accepted - this is just less confusing).
  • Fixed garbled class card description when you clicked a link before your normally entering class cards.
  • Emotes buttons fixed.
  • Suicide “are you sure?” panel will no longer show preemptively.
  • Fix a style typo for “Poison ended your life” feedback to King.
  • More of a workaround than a fix: Spectator Mode has been temporarily disabled while we fix the bugs that are preventing matches from starting.
  • Fixed Snare Trap abil that was literally showing %TARGET% instead of target name.
  • Fixed bad translation key for MVP panel for starting King (eg, “B_D_KING–SOMETHING”).
  • You may now click-thru the winner banner when the game is ending
  • Potentially fixed early-game “fake disconnects” that now check for a heartbeat at NIGHT 1 instead of day 1 (perhaps some folks loaded in slow).
  • Potentially fixed disconnected players’ death that would sometimes occur the following night (bug) instead of the immediate night (intended).
  • MVP no longer awards bonus gp in private matches (sorry folks, ancient bug).
  • Name selection, when changing names, will now correctly show the old<>new names.
  • Merc’s extra brilders will now offer the bonus gp promised.
  • Fixed tutorial journal button that should now properly open the journal, once it’s enabled (outside the normal force click).

Chinese Only

僅中文 (Click to Expand)


  1. 因應中文玩家反映,白天時間由90秒延長至110秒。(由於中文輸入較英文耗時,因此調整以便配合英語地區的節奏)
  2. 移除中文職業名稱旁的英文名稱。(主要方便作者在中文版本測試間,能更快解決bug而設)
  3. 修正MVP及玩家介面的中文化bug。
  4. 修正結算版面 開始及終結 時的職業中文名稱。
  5. 修正由中文玩家 #feedback所報告的漢化問題。(感謝中文玩家的報告!請繼續協助我們找出更多漢化出現的問題)
  6. 修正玩家介面中,首王的顯示錯誤 (例如:“B_D_KING–SOMETHING”)
  7. 我們在2019年時發現並向開發團隊報告了一項,當輸入中文並轉換成英文時所造成的IME bug,開發團隊將會在未來數天內完成修正,並盡快提出修正。

謝謝 @bAo 的翻譯!

Chinese Only (English)

  • Day timer increased from 90s >> 110s by popular demand (takes longer to type Chinese than English, so this should better match the English region’s pace).
  • English class names next to the Chinese ones have been removed (mostly used during Chinese alpha to resolve bugs faster as an English speaker).
  • MVP and player panel localization bugs fixed.
  • End screen start/final classes list is now localized.
  • Misc English localizations now in Chinese that were reported to #feedback: Thanks! Please report more unexpected English, as seen.
  • Fixed bad translation key for player panel for starting King (eg, “B_D_KING–SOMETHING”).
  • We are aware of the IME bug that messes up typing Chinese and swaps to English: This is a unity bug for a bug report we submitted in 2019. The dev claims they will have a patch ready “within the next few days”. As soon as it’s available (see above link for updates), we’ll patch it in.

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