[Minimash] Countries FM - The Cold War - Signups - (24/24)


Okay min sleep zzz seeya


byeee have a great timeee

have fun snoozin

I think I should be more insulting… hmmm.

@Arete thou mangled onion-eyed ratsbane

wait im looking through rules and there’s this

  1. Do not create an alternate account without Moderator permission. (This rule cannot be altered by hosts)

Does this mean I can alter other ones as host?

Such as:

  1. Do not use or develop AI programs to assist you in playing Forum Mafia.
  1. You may only use one account per game.
  1. Please only speak English, and do not create or use cyphers.


I mean, I broke number 13 as host.

The result was called eevee-bot.

Now that I think about it, eevee-bot also broke rule number 14 :thinking:


But it still has to pass review
Any rule alterations have to be approved by the reviewer

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you guys are all banned

Idea: reverse hydra

1 person, 2 accounts, forced 20 posts on each :^)

imagine having one account as scum and one as town and having to fake not knowing who the scum are and getting killed n1 by your own account

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That is techniclly playable.

I plaied a game like that around 7 years ago.

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I think there was one more like that on ToS forum like 3-4 years ago actually.


Remember that game on ToS which had 2 universe, and people in one could talk about other, this way revealing post-death information?

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This is like a merlin with extra steps

you guys use these terms like i know what they mean

DW m8, you gonna learn it fast or be policy lynched like some LHF.

Either is fine.

Wait, it’s all Poland?

always has been