Minority Rule Royale 2: Teams Edition- Eli and Intensify Wins!

Little less than 20 minutes remain, if ur joining this is last call

does this like
need backups

i cant rlly see how people would fail to submit 1 action but

you’d be amazed.


Not at all, if they miss an action they get rnged into room, and if they miss it twice they just die

ok good
im out of here lol

I’m just reusing this thread as ~160 ain’t bad.

So without further ado the rooms for the first round are…


Life - If nobody picks this, everybody dies.
Death - Everyone who picks this dies, even if it is not the majority.
Mystery - Everyone who picks this is given a random status. They are not informed which status they received.
Mundane - This room literally does nothing. :tangerine:
Duplicate - Takes the effect of the room with the most pickers (at the time this room activates).
Dice - Everyone who picks this is given a random status.
Insanity - A random picker becomes insane.
Ritual - All pickers get the soulbound status.

As a clarification I need seperate threads for submission from different team members. And make sure to add me to any dms made for this game.

And Dont worry this message will be in the op too if you miss it.

Round 1 begins and will last 24 hours or until 2021-08-26T23:00:00Z. Have fun maybe die.

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Alive Players


If u have any team names just let me know, think it be kinda cool. Just lmk if u want to go by them. Also u may freely talk in here.

Where’s the.

Orange room?

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okay look we can all be in a society if we all pick death

my b let me add it

We can not do society if all of us fail at symmetrically placing our dart monkes on #ouch

okay valid point

added btw

can we be bread and butter

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Is this room…

Technically still Mudane?

Or is it no longer Mudane because it has a fruity purpose of gibing orangs?

These are questions philosphers can not answer

Also can we all agree to go to Death

Doesn’t this now
fail the text :thinking:


technically speaking, the Life room is probably the most safe because no one on these forums cares about one another and is just like “eh, someone else will do it”