Minority Rule Royale 2: Teams Edition- Eli and Intensify Wins!

lin could have survived if she picked majority because squirrel was bodyguard, right

squirrel picked permanence
it would have tripped maj

ok fair enough

are you feeling lucky?


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Permanency - 2- Pigeon, Silviu
Graveyard - 7 -Marl, orange, Arete, Chloe, Sulit, Marshal, Gghana
Unity - 0 - No One
Duplicate - 4 - TL, Luxy, Nerbins, and Squirrel
Life - 1 - WillTaylor
Murder - 3 -Intensify, Windward, and Italy
Friendship [CULTIST ROOM]- 0 - No One

People are in Gravyard, no one comes back!

@marluxion, @orangeandblack5 , @Arete , @Chloe , @sulit , @Marshal , and @GGhana dies due to being in room with the majority

@WillTaylor dies cause he’s Insane and not in the Majority room, but saves everyone’s life on the way out. Yall better thank this man

Duplicate becomes Graveyard so yall denied the dead twice

Intensify becomes a Serial Killer

Permanance remains again…

Pigeon, Silviu, Luxy and Nerbins gets a :tangerine: for going to the same room as their team mate

There are 5 new rooms for Round 4. 6 if you are a [Cultist]. They are…

Permanency - If picked by anyone, this room will also be in the pool for the next round. Once this room is the majority, it is removed from the pool for all future rounds.
Multiply - Everyone who picks this counts as two. :tangerine:
Divide - Everyone who picks this counts as half.
Graveyard - If nobody picks this room, three random dead players are revived.
Death - Everyone who picks this dies, even if it is not the majority.
Force [CULTIST ROOM]- A random person who did pick this will change to a random room in the current pool.

Round 4 begins and will last 24 hours or until 2021-08-29T23:00:00Z. Have fun maybe die.

Alive Players

@Intensify :tangerine: - Serial Killer
@WindwardAway :tangerine: :tangerine:
@thepigeonnyc :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine:
@Silviu200530 :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: - Soulbound
@Luxy :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine:
@Nerbins :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: - UNKNOWN STATUS
@Squirrel2412 - Bodyguard

Hello guys.

I have decided that farming orangs was no longer a sustainable lifestyle and I will now instead farm your blood.

Have fun.


Worth it

My schedule got super busy anyways so we just went for it

Its just like real life!


Okay so

Listen up.

I’m taking the Multiply Room hostage.

If you come there I will quite literally stab you.

Good luck

You know too much

Also plot twist: Im not a player, so I can’t go into the life room

So I technically saved you all by fooling will to go in there because they thought it would be majority

o7o7 willtaylor

Take the divide room just to make more people die

Thank you for this idea I shall now be taking the Divide room hostage instead have fun guys

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AS you can see, I clearly have the majority of the players interest in mind

will saved us