Minority Rule Royale 2: Teams Edition- Eli and Intensify Wins!

Actually a room that isn’t a room could work?

technically exists

Not the same thing

I want a room that becomes the majority if it’s the minority and becomes the minority if it’s the majority

Sort of close



Permanency - 4- TL, Luxy, Nerbins, Italy
Multiply - 2 - Intensify
Divide - 2 - Windy, Pigeon, Silviu, Squirrel
Graveyard - 0- No One
Death - 0 - No One
Force [CULTIST ROOM]- 0 - No One

People aren’t in Gravyard, @GGhana , @sulit , and @Emilia comes back with no statuses and no tangerines!

@trustworthyliberal, @luxy, @nerbins, and @Italy dies due to being in room with the majority

Intensify kills nobody but finds a :tangerine:

Permanance leaves

There are no cultists or potential cultists, so those rooms are gone.

Pigeon and Silviu get a :tangerine: for going to the same room as their team mate

There are 4 new rooms for Round 5. They are…

Protection - All pickers are immune to death this round for any reason other than the majority. A random picker becomes a bodyguard.
Rejuvinate - Everyone who picks this becomes healthy.
Secrecy - All pickers become cultists. :tangerine:
Unity - If all players pick this, nobody will die due to the majority.

Round 5 begins and will last 24 hours or until 2021-08-30T23:00:00Z. Have fun maybe die.

Alive Players

@Intensify :tangerine: :tangerine: - Serial Killer
@WindwardAway :tangerine: :tangerine:
@thepigeonnyc :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine:
@Silviu200530 :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: :tangerine: - Soulbound
@Squirrel2412 - Bodyguard

i’ve been scammed


this is definitely not going to be the majority or anything

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oh shit

@Marshal you see this was my plan all along


based ghana

I am going to kill myself again then get revived again

see you later shitlords


Rip permanence



@Chloe i win for u

you guys are bad

Tbf all the selfless people died last round

What did you expect

not selfless enough to go to graveyard, obviously


they all died when grave got maj