Minority Rule Royale 2: Teams Edition- Eli and Intensify Wins!

IM SORRY I would team with u if I could

hey what about four way teams

Me crown.

Do I bring back orang poro

@Nightingale wanna play together?

i’ve been scammed

peep my super based pfp

sorry omg I just like it a lot

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Am I legally allowed to solo this.

maveric :>

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iM SORRRY I GOT DMED BY WAZZA BEFORE I GOT HERE N I DIDNT WANT TO promise something and take it back

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is that maveric mixed with space boy

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nah it’s okay

no it is eavesdropper canary

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No, plus u wouldnt get as many tangerines


/in with intensify

This is a big scam

I meant fanart I fucking despise autocorrect

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the average team

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Alright this works.

Either I die in the first round and I win again.

Silviu is prob sleeping.

What if I got thedovenyc to partner with me :flushed: