[Misc] Airlock (Aliens Win)

A journey into the deep, dark unknown

A vital mission to determine the future of humanity

Do you have what it takes to brave the great, dark void?


Welcome to Airlock!

Co-hosted by N.1 and eevee

I believe this game plays anywhere between 9 and 15 players or something. The best way I can describe it is Clocktower in Space with some other elements as well.

Let me know if you have any questions as to how this game works, and I’ll try to help as best as I can. Thank you!

Roles (All roles except for members of the Parasite faction are Unique. Also, if the Sympathizer is in-play, the equivalent ship-aligned Crew role may not spawn):

:biohazard: = If the game progresses to the secret destination before ending, and this role is alive then, aliens win.

:radioactive: = If the game progresses to the secret destination before ending, and the player with this passive is alive, aliens win.

The :biohazard: passive is locked to particular roles, while the :radioactive: passive is locked to particular players.

Crew (Aligned with the Ship):

Crew (Aligned with the Ship):

Biologist (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Day Ability 1: Choose a player. Draw blood from them to determine whether or not they are an alien class or infected.
Day Ability 2: Choose a player. Infect them, making them alien-aligned and giving them the :radioactive: passive.
Day Ability 3: Choose a player. If they were infected by either you, the Queen, or the Reanimator, they will lose their :radioactive: passive and become Ship-aligned.

Galley Officer (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Day Ability 1: Choose a player. Give them food poisoning, preventing them from waking in the next warp phase.
Day Ability 2: Do nothing.

Science Officer (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Warp Ability 1: Choose any alien role and learn whether or not it is in play.

Communications Officer (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Day Ability 1: Visit the computer to overhear two pieces of information – one is true and one is false (If hacked, both may be true or both false).
Day Ability 2 (One Use Only): Instead, ask the computer one true or false question. The computer will answer truthfully, unless you are hacked, in which case it may answer either truthfully or falsely.

Medical Officer (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Warp Ability 1: Scan two players and see if at least one of them is an alien.
Day Ability 1: Forego your next scan to bring a player that died at the end of the previous day phase or later back to life.

Security (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 4)
Day Ability 1: Place a player in the brig, protecting them and causing all abilities they use while in the brig to malfunction. They will not learn that they have been placed in the brig.
Warp Ability 1: If the brig is empty, protect a player for a cycle or until the brig becomes occupied.

Engineer (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 4)
Warp Ability 1: Choose half of the ship’s living players, rounded up. Learn if at least one of them is an alien.
Warp Ability 2: Sabotage the engine to stop the ship’s movement and ensure that it does not move closer to the secret destination during this phase.

Navigator (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 5)
Warp Ability 1: Jump the ship twice as far (+2 Advance)
Warp Ability 2: Jump the ship backwards (-1 Advance)
Warp Ability 3: Do Nothing (+1 Advance)

Technician (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 5)
Warp Ability 1: Select a player to protect them from being hacked.
Warp Ability 2: Select a player to hack them.

Ensign (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Day Ability 1: Select a player, annoying them and proventing them from acting in the next warp phase.

Quartermaster (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 4)
Passive 1: Each warp phase you are alive, you learn the role that died via airlock the previous day.
Passive 2: If you die via murder or at night, you learn what role killed you.

Transporter Chief (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 5)
Passive 1: No other class in the game may self-target with targeting abilities, except for you.
Warp Ability 1: Select two players and cause them to swap seats. Every aspect of a seat remains, except the player and their alignment, meaning their role and whether they are alive or dead can change, and their seating position definitely changes.
Warp Ability 2: Select two players and cause them to swap roles. Their alignment, life status, and seating position will remain the same, while their roles will change.
Warp Ability 3: Do nothing.

Passengers (Aligned with the Ship):

Passengers (Aligned with the Ship):

Guard (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 3)
Warp Ability 1: Select a player to protect them from all killing, offensive, alien-oriented converting, and harmful effects for this warp phase.

Stowaway (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 4)
Passive 1 : If any living player that is not the VIP (yes, anyone, this passive applies to all players, not just yourself) claims to be the Stowaway, they will be airlocked immediately. If any dead player that is not the VIP claims to be the stowaway, a living player of the host’s choice that shares alignment with that player will be airlocked immediately. This passive applies fully, both in public chat and within all whispers. This passive will always be in-play, even if the Stowaway is not in the game. This means that this role, if it’s in the game, is just a nerfed VT that must lie about their class if they ever choose to claim. This passive can override itself if used later by multiple players the same day (will always go with the latest). This passive will also activate if anyone attempts to communicate that they are claiming stowaway in some sort of obvious way that the hosts can detect, such as “I am not the stowaway" or something. This will also happen if the Quartermaster sees the Stowaway via their ability and chooses to reveal that (The quartermaster would be considered the stowaway-claimer in that case), or other similar events. Basically, discussion of the Stowaway role should usually be avoided. Generally, you should avoid trying to claim stowaway via any means, layerally protected or otherwise. Think of it as somewhat like Madness from BotF 2, except it doesn’t really matter what you claim; just not stowaway. This passive has Airlock Priority Level Two. If it activates, it must trump the standard airlock process (which has Airlock Priority Level Three) for the day, but it will not trump the Pet’s Passive 3 (which has Airlock Priority Level One) if that also occurs the same day.

Hybrid (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 4)
Passive 1: You will be informed if you ever have at least one living alien neighbor.
Passive 2: You might register as one of the alien roles to investigative abilities.

VIP (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Passive 1: If you die, and are not revived by the next possible End of Day after you die (you have a full warp and day if you die via airlock, otherwise less than that), the Aliens win.
Passive 2: If the VIP is in the game, the Guard must also be in-play.

Pet (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 2)
Passive 1: You will know how many of your living neighbors are aliens at all times while alive.
Passive 2: You cannot die via any method besides airlock.
Passive 3: You may only communicate via text-less, number-less emojis and text-less, number-less images, videos, MP3’s, GIF’s, and symbols. You may not speak, use any text, numbers, or characters from any language. Videos and MP3’s can only be used in which there is no transcribable speech or song in the video, in any language. Same goes for GIF’s and lip-reading. Note by “character” I mean any alphabetic character or numeral that exists in any language. If you ever defy this, you will be airlocked immediately. If this passive activates while you are already dead, a living player of the host’s choice that shares your alignment will be airlocked instead. All of these rules apply fully within whispers, as well.

There are a few necessitated exceptions to the above rule to make the game run properly. They are, however, the only exceptions, and they are as follows. Note that you must use the syntax below exactly to eliminate any chance of triggering this passive, and that such syntax must be the only contents of the post in which it is within. I recommend copy pasting and replacing the word username when applicable:

You may propose whispers with players that are not your neighbors based on seating order via the following syntax. If you send a whisper request, you may send requests to others but may not send another request to the same person until they either accept or deny your original request:
**/whisper @username**

You may accept whisper requests from other players that are not your neighbor based on seating arrangement have sent to you via the following syntax. Note that you can only use this as a reply message to a whisper request to you. Also, if a neighbor sends you a whisper request, you must ignore that request, of course. Make sure your post is a reply message to the whisper request to you based on Discourse’s UI:

You may never vote for warp or for airlock, but while you are alive, you may nominate any living player that has yet to be nominated that day for airlock up to once per day, using the following syntax:
**/nominate @username**

You may nominate a user for the captainship with the following syntax:
**/nominate @Username for Captain**

You may attempt to murder someone with the following syntax, so long as you as a player (not role-related) have yet to attempt to murder anyone, you are alive while making the attempt, and the individual you want to shoot is also alive:
**/shoot @username**

There is one more thing: The best way to be able to communicate understandable information with this class is probably via use of Ciphers. If you would like to use ciphers, please keep in mind the following rules, of which if any of them are broken, you will also trigger this passive:

  1. All other aspects of this passive also apply to ciphers at all times.
  2. All the ciphers that you use must be created by you. You may not use any already existent ciphers, well-known or not (so morse code is obviously banned, for instance). It is recommended to spend a few minutes searching to ensure that you have not created an identical cipher to one that already exists.
  3. Each cipher that you create may only be used in a maximum of five posts each.

This passive has Airlock Priority Level One. If it activates, it must trump both the standard airlock process (which has Airlock Priority Level Three) and the the Stowaway’s Passive 1 (which has Airlock Priority Level Two) for the day.

Please keep in mind that this passive never applies within your classcard, so if you would like to walk us through any thought processes, cipher creation methodologies (if you choose to make and use any ciphers), and/or argue as to whether you have broken PR or not (if there’s a grey area, we will hear your side of the story within your classcard before making a determination), feel free to do so.
Passive 4: All of your votes will be ignored and not count. This passive remains postmortem.
Passive 5: You will register as some alien class and as alien alignment to all investigative checks.

Parasites (Aligned with the Aliens):

Parasites (Aligned with the Aliens)

Queen :biohazard: (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 4)
Passive 1: If the Parasite faction is in the game, you will be its only member at the start of the game.
Warp Ability 1 (Once per game only): Select a player and infect them. They will retain their old role, but will now be alien-aligned. The player you infect with this ability now has the :radioactive: passive for good unless they are ever cured by the Biologist. This effect is the only thing that can be cured by the Biologist outside of the Reanimator’s ability and the Biologist’s own infections.
Warp Ability 2 (Only usable when no one died via airlock on the most recent day): Choose a player. Their alignment will change to alien, if they are not already alien-aligned, and their role will change to one of the four Parasite roles.

Hivemind :biohazard: (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Passive 1: As long as you are alive, you will be consistently informed of all information the computer knows; i.e. all mechanical information that is possibly present in the game. This informedness will come in the form of updates as to all information the hosts know except for whisper contents consistently on some length of interval. Only you know the length of the interval. The updates will only come while you are alive, of course.

Influencer :biohazard: (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Warp Ability 1: Select a player. Nullify their vote for the next day phase.

Reanimator :biohazard: (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Day Ability 1: Choose a player that died at the end of the previous day phase or later. Revive them. They will be infected (and get the :radioactive: passive) at the start of the next warp phase, and will become alien-aligned if not already. This effect is the only thing that can be cured by the Biologist outside of the Queen’s ability and the Biologist’s own infections.

Warriors (Aligned with the Aliens):

Warriors (Aligned with the Aliens)

Predator (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 2)
Passive 1: If the warrior faction is in the game, the Predator must be in the game. However, there is no definition as to which of the other Warrior roles may be in the game at the start with the Predator, unlike with the Queen and Parasite faction.
Warp Ability 1: Select one player. Kill them.
Warp Ability 2: Select two players. Kill them.
Warp Ability 3: Do nothing.

Contaminator (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Day Ability 1: Select a player, making them sick and preventing them from waking up during the next warp phase.

Hacker (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 6)
Passive 1: You do not register as an alien to the engineer.
Warp Ability 1: Hack a player’s ability for one cycle, until the end of the next day phase.
Warp Ability 2: Sabotage the engine to stop the ship’s movement for this phase.

Informant :biohazard: (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 5)
Passive 1: You do not register as an alien to the biologist.
Warp Ability 1 (One use only): When this ability is used, the countdown until the ship is attacked tomorrow will be some amount shorter than it otherwise would be.

Other Aliens (Aligned with the Aliens):

Other Aliens (Aligned with the Aliens)

Ambassador (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: 5)
Passive 1: If you are in the game, both the Parasite and Warrior factions may be in-play. Normally, only one of those two factions may be in-play if you are not in the game.
Passive 2: Replaces two members of the ship with one passenger and one alien at the start.

Sympathizer (Difficulty Class on a D6 Murder Attempt: Whatever the DC for the Crew role you receive is)
Passive 1: You are a member of the crew, but aligned with the aliens. You are informed what ship role you are at the start.
Passive 2: You appear as that member of the crew that you are and as aligned with the ship to all investigative checks.
Passive 3: IIf you are ever role swapped or seat swapped by the Transporter Chief, the role that you were had the powers of just before the swap be left behind, while you will still be sympathizer, be alien-aligned but register as ship-aligned, and also register as and now instead have the powers of the new role you are swapped into, whatever that is. The Difficulty Class for a murder attempt might also change if you are targeted by the transporter chief, if the role whose abilities you have now has a different D6 Murder Attempt DC than the one whose abilities you had before.

Here is the information about how the game ends:

Win Conditions Information:

Each team has two standard wincons.
Ship Wincon 1: Ensure both all alien roles and all alien-aligned players are dead before reaching the secret destination.
Alien Wincon 1: Ensure that all ship-aligned players possessing ship roles are dead before reaching the secret destination.

If neither of these win conditions are met before reaching the secret destination, but there are still players alive when arriving at the secret destination, then these other two wincons come into play.
Ship Wincon 2: Ensure that all roles with the :biohazard: passive and all players with the :radioactive: passive are dead when you reach the secret destination.
Alien Wincon 2: Ensure that there is at least one role with the :biohazard: passive and/or at least one player with the :radioactive: passive still alive when you reach the secret destination.

The Aliens also have a third wincon, which can come into play if no other wincon is satisfied, before arriving at the Secret Destination.
Alien Wincon 3: If the VIP is in-game, they die, and are not revived by the next possible End of Day after they die (they have a full warp and day if they die via airlock, otherwise less than that), you win.

If it somehow ends up the case that everyone is dead before reaching the secret destination and without satisfying the Ship Wincon 1, Alien Wincon 1, or Alien Wincon 3 first, that is canonically undefined; I currently have it set as a draw, but that might be changed depending on balance purposes.

Here is some additional rules stuff for added clarity in addition to the rules PDF:

Additional Rules Info

You can attempt to murder someone while alive once per game. Your attack will trigger a D6 that will determine whether or not they die.

Day actions are processed as soon as hosts can process them during the day. Canonically, they usually work like going to speak to the host and computer privately. Warp actions, meanwhile, are processed at the end of the warp phase. Also, all cop effects detect alien roles, not alien alignment, except when specified otherwise.

Each day will have a timer that players have until the ship is attacked. If players do not progress to airlock before the ship is attacked, someone will die and the day will continue with a new timer that could cause a second attack on the same day, and so on. To progress to warp phase, a majority of all living players, rounded up, need to be voting for the warp phase to hammer that.

Captain Mechanic: Living players may nominate others (including dead players) to be the captain at any time. For someone to become captain, they need to half half of living players rounded up voting for them, post-nomination. The captain has their voting power doubled. If a captain is elected, they will remain captain until someone else is nominated and receives the necessary votes down the line. Dead players cannot vote for the captain.

When players die, they lose all their abilities (except in rare cases when specified otherwise), may no longer nominate players for airlock, may no longer use their shot if they haven’t yet, get one each of two different kind of dead votes: One for airlock and one for warp. Note that you may only have one of each of these for the entire game. I.e. if you were dead, come back to life, and then die again, you do not get a second one of either. The same principle applies to your shot; i.e. if you were alive, died, and then alive again, you can only ever attempt one shot for the game. All of these resources are always tied to the player, never seat or role, and thus cannot be transferred by the Transporter Chief or anyone else. Airlock voting will be using the BotF vote locking system. For airlock voting, the end of the sequence for the locking system will be the nominee. For warp voting, there is no locking system and is just majority, of which ghost warp votes may also contribute to. Also, no warp votes may be cast for the first 12 hours of each day. Please remember this.

At the start of every warp phase, every player that has abilities in the Warp Phase will be notified that they have woken up and can act that night, except for anyone who was targeted by the Galley Officer, Ensign, or Contaminator on the previous Day phase, who will instead be informed at the start of the warp phase that they have not woken up and will not be able to act that night. Players who do not have any abilities to use in the Warp phase will not be told this sort of information, however.

Only starting members of the alien team know their teammates for sure. Converted people will essentially be lost wolves. There is an alien leader who will get three bluffs. The alien leader must be either the Queen, Predator, Ambassador, or Sympathizer.

Like BotF, this game will also have a set seating arrangements and the same whisper rules as BotF (where you can whisper neighbors for free). Everyone will be informed if anyone’s seating arrangement changes, like due to the Transporter Chief or something.

I don’t know whether the proprietary A.I. used for the official version of this game randomizes everything or makes choices. To reduce swing, everything in this game except for randing which role goes to whom (choosing roles is host decided) and D6 murder attempts will be chosen by the hosts what will happen when there is any ability or action in the grey area, just like clocktower.

Here is some information on mechanical information that players will not be privy to that they might otherwise be in other games such as Clocktower:

Mechanical information players won't be privy to:

Some of the mechanical information that players will not be privy to will be game composition (in terms of roles or alignments), how the starting distance to the secret destination and current day’s attack timer were determined, the night priority sequence in terms of which roles act in what order, what you roll on murder attempts (those rolls will be made privately by the hosts and won’t be viewable by any players until the game ends), and possibly more.

The rest of the information can be found in the canonical PDF’s below, but anything that conflicts with information from above should be ignored. Also, contrary to the information in the rules PDF below, anyone who publicly sabotages the ship’s movement will NOT have their identity publicly revealed. I think I’ve gone as far as I can without making the game too mechlock-able in a longform, text-style game.:



Credit for the design of this game goes to C63 Industries and the Deduction Engine: http://press.c63.industries/
Currently, the only way this game is run officially is at large conventions across the U.S. using a proprietary A.I. software. The game is probably going to change more next year after they’ve hosted more, but this is the most current version as it was run at DeceptaCon back in mid-February of this year which I attended, and that probably was the last time it will be run before 2021 (Since all major conventions in the U.S. for the remainder of this year have pretty much been cancelled), meaning this will be the most current version of the game for a pretty long while. eevee’s in their discord, so contact him if you’d like to join that to speak with any non-me ppl there who’ve played this game officially.

Anyways, if you want to enter, choose a seat below:

  1. Italy Died EoD2 via Airlock
  2. Wazza
  3. Apprentice Died D2 via Murder
  4. CRichard564 Died D2 via Murder
  5. clonedcheese
  6. ob_L1ght Died EoD3 via Airlock
  7. PokemonKidRyan
  8. Appelsiini Died D2 via being struck by an asteroid chunk during an attack on the ship.
  9. Moleland Died EoD1 via Airlock
  10. Zone_Q11 Died D2 via Murder
  11. KyoDaz
  12. an_gorta_pratai
  13. Magnus – Died D2 via Murder, but revived later on D2.
  14. Geralt_of_Rivia Died EoD4 via Airlock



Uninformed Specs:

  1. Jane


Informed Specs:

  1. DatBird
  2. astand
  3. Marshal
  4. katze

If you have any confusion of how this game works, please ping me and ask in your classcard. I don’t want anyone failing to understand how the game works mechanically, like what happened for some during BotF II. Thank you and best of luck!

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The boarding phase has begun. Everyone will now receive their classcard and any other relevant pre-game information. After that, Day 1 will begin.

Some mechanical information about the setup has recently been added, clarified, and/or altered. Please refer to the OP above for the most current information.


Well, it seems everyone has managed to board the ship, so the ship has now departed.

Day 1 has begun.

The First Attack Timer for Day 1 is 48 hours from the publish time of this post (2020-07-03T03:43:00Z).

Reminder that votes for Warp may not be cast until 12 hours have passed (starting at 2020-07-01T15:43:00Z), but that nominations and votes for Airlock, as well as murder attempts, may be cast / made at any time.

Also reminder that this game has an identical whisper mechanic to BotF, that Airlock nominations and voting work in an identical way to BotF basically, that only living players may be nominated for Airlock, that Airlock votes lock in an identical way to BotF, that Warp votes do not lock but just require a simple majority to hammer into night phase, that each dead player gets one Airlock dead vote and one Warp dead vote to use max for the game, and that each player may use up to one murder attempt per game, while they and their intended target are both alive.

I believe the OP is pretty thorough, but if you have any further questions, please ask me in your classcard. Best of luck!

The ship is currently a distance of five away from the Secret Destination.

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