[Misc] Airlock (Aliens Win)

I mean I just did but whatever

Two weeks of experience is n o t h i n g

I’ll be off now
Go to sleep

True, but meanie

And what’s that? The second time you’ve scum read me and you’re wrong?

Can I for once rand as scum in another game please?
It’s getting boring as heck randing town all the time.

I mean, you claimed the third passenger, did nothing of note, and then only whispered the confirmed scum after your death so you didn’t really help your case

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i told you to let the ship be attacked
N.1 would always kill an alien when they’re that close to winning

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Of course
Which I think is absolutely ridiculous tbh
It’s completely unfair that you can just let the host kill people
It takes no skill

he probably would have even killed the queen with that many converts

the queen was dead.

(or biologist, whatever)

Meteor should only kill town tbh

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i would have killed magnus, but magnus was perpetually afk, so i would have killed kyo or pkr

you do realize attacks aren’t stopped if the ship doesn’t move
there’s a scum role that can just halt the ship

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that’s not how the game works.

And when we had voting majority the game should’ve auto ended
I find it slightly unfair that the only thing barring us from winning was when we went to sleep :upside_down_face:

again, not how things work
the win conditions define things differently, and it is possible that votes you need are offline when you need them
yes, as the host, I do have the right to try to gimmick you in this way in an attempt to prolong the game.

airlock is basically just BotC in space

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I mean
All it did was break my sleeping pattern

I’m about to go to sleep at 9am now
I don’t think the game was designed to do that
The entirety of those two ‘features’ are because it’s hosted on the forums