[Misc] Blood on the Forums IV: Glimpse of the Future (Evil Wins)

… What purpose does you saying this give at all?
I don’t care what you think I am.

I’m just telling you that you aren’t as subtle about your claim as you think you are.

I… don’t really care


Get your ass over here

I knew I should not have signed up for this many games

I haven’t read anything except the OP, AMA

Oh no we have another DatBird someone please send help

Multitabling is hard man

why are you scum


Is it faulty to assume that Redrover is probably town because a lot of their interactions are pinging not S/S to me?

because I went outside without a mask today

Well, if you think so, and literally no one here I’ve interacted with is scum, I guess I could be theoretically scum.

Assuming I haven’t been Arete’d into Lone Wolf evilness I mean, but that’s unlikely.

Interesting way to wolf. There aren’t 2 sides, there’s the town side, the scum side, and my side. I’ll consider that for future games, thanks for the ideas Nappy.


Just mute scumchat during the day and do whatever you want. I guess I kind of did that last game, cause literally the rest of the groupscum were basically afk/inactive/or being a DatBird.

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“Being a Datbird”


But yeah no I’m not scum.


Tell me why you are evil?

If the pros do it I can do it too.