[Misc] Blood on the Forums IV: Glimpse of the Future (Evil Wins)

World War Geyde I and II

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The thread has felt heavily villagery ever since the beginning

Which means you’re probably scum

Yeah I think Kyo is a scumleaning here. Kyo popped in to /yeet DatBird and just let. I actually grew suspicious of everything based off of KyoDaz’s actions actually, it felt too random. It led me on this chain.

now will ici murder cheese or kyo first

Confused why they, based on them really wanting to find a game to play really bad, ducked from thread

Possibly irl at play

cool time to read through 900 posts

in the meantime @Icibalus try not to kill me

I think they mentioned previously its midterms for them

aw my reaction test didnt work

well it was pretty bad tbh

Well, for me, maybe my towncoring of Apprentice after his analysis of my earlier plays was a mindmeld for us? I’m pretty sure he gave it a heart.

Alice also hasn’t posted like at all except for a token post in my whisper about coming on later

Neither has Priestess (but they did create my whisper thread :upside_down_face:)

Alice legit hasn’t posted in main thread iirc

Yeah your reaction test honestly… Kinda bad.

But I’ll reach out now, to make the dm. Cause I dont think we have one yet

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I was tinfoiling about Alice since I’m fairly sure they’re on at this time

Although priestess has an excuse in that she apparently fell down the stairs

At least it wasn’t obvious

Another thing that was suspicious about Geyde was Geyde singling out DatBird for inactivity instead of literally everyone else who was also inactive.

Dat has very explicit activity tells, more so that the rest of the playerlist

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