[MISC] Colours - Ended

It is GOOD to finally have another Misc ready.

Colours - After a freak accident in the middle of the country, a strange condition happened; it only effected a single generation, causing the majority of them to die (The Thundercloud predicted 98% of that generation died, of which were seemingly healthy). Immediately, a quarantine was put into place, and the remaining were put into secure facilities to ‘support’ them. At least, that was as much as everyone else knew about.
The truth is, though, that the Enterprise (the Enterprise are the ones who took over once the Government failed, to prevent the country from falling into ruin. They organised the Facilities, and prevented contact from other countries) weren’t worried about the dead. They were gone, and nothing could change it.
They were worried about the ones that lived.

Emerald Green - A rare type of Green. They seem to absorb information at an impossible rate, and cannot easily be outsmarted. One clue, and they could solve a mystery. They still don’t affect the world around them directly, but they can perform well enough to stay ahead of those who can. A threat.
Green - Greens are those classified with enhanced mental and intellectual powers. While knowledge is powerful, Greens are considered the weakest of the ten, because their abilities do not affect the world directly.
Blue - Those who developed telekinetic powers. Blue classified individuals have the ability to move objects with their minds. Unlike the others, Blue abilities do not vary in any case, although the power limitations might.
Cyan - Those of whom developed Cryomancy, the ability to freeze objects. Fortunately, this ability requires direct contact, although skin-on-skin isn’t required. The ice doesn’t follow usual rules, not melting over time, and is resistant to damage. This ability seems to be the easiest to control, Greens notwithstanding.
Yellow - Yellow is the color classification for those who developed electrokinetic powers. Yellow classified individuals have the ability to control electricity. Like Blues, Yellows do not tend to vary in terms of power. Unlike Blues, Yellows might not be able to consciously control their abilities, causing disaster. As such, Yellows are unstable.
Orange - One of the most dangerous and feared ones. Individuals with the powers of mind control. It was discovered that every single Orange has a unique ability linked with their power, meaning that every single Orange is unpredictable. Some require touch. Some can do it with sight.
Brown - These Colours developed the ability of Geokinesis, the ability to manipulate Earth. This ability can double both as defensive and offensive, and can be greatly distructive. Very hard to control.
Red - Those who developed pyrokinetic powers. Red classified individuals have the ability to create and manipulate fire. As a result, they possess immense destructive potential, and are considered amongst the most dangerous. Apparently, Reds are unhinged at best.
Purple - Kill on sight. These Purples are extremely dangerous at all times, and are especially dangerous against Non-Colours.
Violet - The opposite of Purples, and just as rare. Violets are especially powerful against other Colours. Curiously, when a Violet is in close proximity to a Purple, their powers cancel each other out.
Black -

Commands - To control your character, you need to Slash and Bold (/run, /dodge). However, you can specify exactly how you do those actions, for a higher chance of succeeding (depending on the situation).
You may perform actions either in the Group chat (if you are in one) or your PM (Private Message). Regardless, when using your power, even if in a group chat, do it in your PM.

  1. Boss110 - :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  2. Marshal - :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  3. Sulit - :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  4. Ami :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  5. Hail :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  6. Simon - :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  7. Emilia - :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  8. JgoesGaming- :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:
  9. Italy :2nd_place_medal:

It’s all connected.

I will give this, actually;
You can not choose your own Colour.
If you’ve played a previous Misc of mine, i’ll tune it to which I think fits you best. If I can’t do this, i’ll ask you a few questions, to get a sense of who you are. RNG is a LAST resort.

If I feel like you’re going to be afk a lot (sorry, but it’s true) i’ll give you a weaker classification. Deal.

Magnus blackmail me with a promise of giving me abilities to ¶¶¶¶¶ so please don’t kill me first

Do you mean this as in I have, or you want me to?


I’ll give you black. No colour.
Get rekted.

I’m surprised no one is curious about the Enterprise or Thundercloud, only the specifics of powers (cough Boss cough Hja)


naturally ive already picked up a good few things regarding the powers.
thats all ill say for now






Isn’t this based off that one book

Technically a series.

Hoping for a few more signups, preferably in the next hour so I can handle it now.
Also all five players have got their Colour locked in.

Hopefully WAITING for more players!

(Btw you guys can use this chat to talk in the meantime lol. So silent)

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so i feel like i know your color already