[MISC] Colours - Ended

i misinterpeted

I get rid of Solomon mind.

He is nothing but a shell now.

what does this mean. please man, the game is over. i just want straight answers, not sidesteppy bullshit
and like, how does that enable you to take his power and put it into yourself

It’s sidesteppy because I don’t know how myself lol.

Just ask Magnus.

before you got his powers.
what action did you submit

Magnus allow me to pick either Violet or Purple as a reward for winning against Solomon.

To quote him.
“You spare Solomon, but give him a fate worse than death.”

aight welp ill just ask magnus for an in-universe explanation i guess.

if it helps, im trying to figure out just how that works in universe. because thats kinda how i do my stuff. figuring out how things work in universe and finding loopholes or other nooks and crannies to do what i need to.
and thats why its super confusing to me. because that kinda sets the precedent that oranges can just? steal other peoples powers?? and that doesnt feel right

Maybe Solomon was the source of corruption and I carry it for him.

@Magnus do you have explanation?

Yeah I do.

sad simon noises

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I’m considering opening Memory Shards for the next misc, kind of a half misc for preparation. What do you guys think?

  • Do the shards
  • Wait for the actual misc to start.

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N.1 You don’t even do my miscs lol.

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I might in the future tbh


Define ‘future’.

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You know what? I’m posting the official chat now so people know what the next misc is about. This doesn’t mean it’s ready to play, but people can of course Pre-in and get things prepared.