[MISC] Colours - Ended

You can just excluded your colour and then have a 1/4 chance of being corrected


Wanna do something

So simon

Do you play roblox

@Magnus /in

Now join mine

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I can’t pal.

Do you want your knees to be mine?

Try to find me if you dare.
After all… My power isn’t confined to a Colour.

I’m gay, so I am all the colors, bitch.

Sorry but that’s not how it works in my land.

I will blow the Earth up just to Murder! ya.

You only killed one player last time.

Before some host canned the game.

Such a moron. Who cans a game without any warning, right?

Probably someone who uses an undertale character as a pfp

I can’t change it, or my title won’t make sense ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Can you tell us more about the Enterprise and Thunderbird


Enterprise took over once the Government fell, to preserve the country. With the Colours, too many for Human management, they built the Thundercloud, an AI that can access all wireless technology citywide. (Simply put)