[MISC] Coup Thread A - Solic Wins! (1/5)

The year is 20XX, corrupt governments fight and seize each other for power and wealth across the globe. In the midst of this chaos, government officials, backed up by the influence of certain factions, strategically try to eliminate opposing governments in an attempt to ensure their government to be the last one standing…

Welcome to Coup, a card/board game based around lying, deceit and bluffing, hosted by @Intensify

You will be pitted up against 1 to 7 other players, in a race to be the last one standing. However along the way, you must find a way to trick others into believing your lies, while at the same time ensuring that others do not manipulate you into believing their lies.

This version of Coup is basically the original version, with 2 cards I made that are based off of Kickstarters exclusives, to spice things up a little for those familiar with the game.

Setup + The Deck

Each player starts with 2 Influence Cards drawn from the deck and 2 coins.

The Influence Cards will be only visible to you and nobody else.

The deck consists of 3 copies of each unique card.

So the deck would look like this:

3 Duke cards
3 Assassin cards
3 Captain cards
3 Ambassador cards
3 Contessa cards
3 Graverobber cards
3 Inquisitor cards

The deck will contain in total 21 cards.

Setup can be modified and expanded if for some reason more than 8 players want to play.


The cards you draw at the start of game (your Influence Cards) will allow you to perform special actions during your turn and possibly block other actions. You may declare to have one of these cards in order to perform the corresponding actions. These cards are:

Duke - Gain 3 coins. Block Foreign Aid.
Assassin - Pay 3 coins to make a player of your choice lose an Influence Card.
Captain - Steal 2 coins from another player. Block stealing against you.
Ambassador - Draw 2 cards from the top of the deck. You may exchange any of your alive cards with the cards drawn. Return 2 cards back at the end to the bottom of the deck.
Contessa - Block an assassination attempt or stealing against you.
Graverobber - When a player loses and has no more cards, you may claim Graverobber. After claims and challenging, the coins are split among Graverobber claim(s) (rounded down).
Inquisitor - Gain 2 coins. Look at the top and bottom cards of the deck.


Turns will take place in the order of the player list from top to bottom.

During your turn, state your action and the character claimed (if applicable) with a :exclamation: or putting it in green.

For example:

You are allowed to bluff to have any card in the game and you may claim to have that card in order to do the card’s special action. You may also bluff to have any card as well for blocking an action. However, there is a risk to bluffing any card known as challenging (which will be explained later on).

For example:

Certain actions can be blocked by other cards. For example, a Captain may block a steal from another Captain attempting to steal 2 coins from them. When you wish to block an action, state whichever card you claim and the block with a :shield: or in red.

Each player is attempting to eliminate the Influence Cards of all the other players. These cards are unknown to the other players, and players may bluff on their claims.

When a player loses an Influence Card, they choose which card to reveal. It no longer provides any use to the player and does not return to the court deck.

When a player loses all their Influence Cards, they are exiled and removed from the game.

The last player standing is the winner.


Whenever a player claims to have a card along with its action or block, you may challenge the claim. When a player challenges another player, they are basically telling the other player that they don’t believe their claim and think that they are bluffing.

Anyone may challenge a claim made by a player during that player’s turn.

To challenge someone, post whoever you want to challenge with a :crossed_swords: or in blue.

For example:

When a claim is challenged, the challenge process will happen.
During this process, there are 2 different players, The Challenger and The Accused.
The Challenger is the person who is accusing the person of lying and The Accused is the person who is… well being accused of lying.
The Accused beings by revealing a card.
If the card is the correct card they claimed to have, The Challenger loses a card and the action goes through. The Accused shuffles the card they revealed to the deck and draws a new one from the top of the deck.
If the card is the wrong card they claimed to have, The Accused loses a card and the action is negated and does not happen.

For example:

Keep in mind that any claim of beholding a certain card can be challenged by anyone. This includes claims during blocks.

Actions and Blocks

Here is the list of all actions you may claim on your turn. Notice that there are 3 actions that do not require you to claim a specific card in order to perform. These are Income, Foreign Aid and Coup. These are actions that may be performed by anyone as long as the requirements are met and can not be challenged since no claim of having a certain card is presented.

Keep in mind that you must perform an action during your turn and you cannot no-action.

Income - Gain 1 coin.
Foreign Aid - Gain 2 coins.
Coup - Pay 7 coins to host a coup against a player, making them lose an Influence Card. This cannot be stopped. You are forced to Coup at 10 coins.
Duke - Gain 3 coins.
Assassin - Pay 3 coins to make a player of your choice lose an Influence Card.
Captain - Steal 2 coins from another player.
Ambassador - Draw 2 cards from the top of the deck. You may exchange any of your alive cards with the cards drawn. Return 2 cards back at the end to the bottom of the deck.
Inquisitor - Gain 2 coins. Look at the top and bottom cards of the deck.

Cards can also of course block other actions.

Duke - Block Foreign Aid.
Captain - Block stealing against you.
Contessa - Block an assassination attempt or stealing against you.

When a player dies, you may claim Graverobber. After claims and challenging, the coins is split among the Graverobber claims.

Discussion and Deals

Anytime during the game, you may talk in the thread unless otherwise specified by the host to shut up. You are allowed to talk about anything as long as it follows the guidelines and general rules. bluffing, talking about food, questioning other claims (but not actually challenging them with a :crossed_swords: or in blue), cat pics, making alliances and self voting + ateing, those are all allowed, so have fun.

All discussion must be held in the game thread. You are not allowed to create private PMs to make deals or talk privately to another player.

You may also not show cards, give cards, give coins or anything else similar to this to other players. All your possessions are yours and cannot be given away for free.

Time Limit

The time limit for your turn to perform an action is 24 hours. If you do not perform an action by the end of this, I will automatically default your action to Income. If you have 10 coins, it will be defaulted to Coup on a random player instead.

When an action is declared, there will also be a 24 hour period where players may challenge the claim, block it or pass into the next turn. By the end of this 24 hour period, the action will pass through unless otherwise proven to be fake via a challenge.

For whatever reason, if you wish to expand this time limit for a specific action, ping me and I will do so

In order to pass, post /pass in the game thread.

When a player dies, there will be a free 24 hour period for players to claim Graverobber or to pass.

Feel free to ask any questions, I will answer them.

Playerlist A

  1. Whysper
  2. PokemonKidRyan
  3. Apprentice
  4. Jane
  5. Solic

Playerlist B

  1. EliThePsycho
  2. BlueStorm
  3. Twil1ght
  4. Nerbins
  5. Wazza
  6. Gorta


Signups Begin
Round 1 Begins
Round 2 Begins
Round 3 Begins
Round 4 Begins
Round 5 Begins
Round 6 Begins
Round 7 Begins

psst thx @whysper for letting me steal borrow your OP thread : D



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This is like one of my fave games.
Such a classic :ok_hand:

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Oh, no prob. And cool that you added the Graverobber. I hadn’t heard of that one. :slight_smile:

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After reading op I have decided I don’t understand this game

Yeah I stole that card from a site. Apparently it was from a Kickstarter Exclusive set and it looked pretty cool so I wanted to test it out.


This might help. I’m not great at explaining things to be honest.


Yeah, often watching a video is more helpful anyway.

There’s 21 cards which are 3 copies of 7 different roles
You’ll get dealt 2 of them.

Every turn you can take an action. Even if you don’t have the correct card for it.
The aim is to be the last person standing.

The way to eliminate people is to make it so both of their influence points (the cards you’re dealt) are killed off and the ways to do this are:

  1. The assassin role pays 3 coins and assassinates one of your influence cards and you don’t have a Contessa to block
  2. When you take an action that requires a character card (Most actions require one), if someone challenges you, claiming that you don’t have that card and they’re right, you lose one.
  3. If you challenge someone, then it’s wrong then you lose one.
  4. If someone pays 7 coins they “coup” someone. This cannot be blocked. If you get couped you lose one influence.

If you lose both, you’re out
(I think this was a summary, but, yeah, watch the video)

Oh! 2 coins. That actually makes assassin stronger than I remember.

I like this. It’s a bit different from how Inquisitor worked iirc but in a cool way.

And a new role to me altogether :ok_hand:

Oh wow, I didn’t notice that. It would certainly make the Assassin much more powerful.

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Oh wait crap right Assassin was 3 coins right my bad let me go fix that.

Also I changed up Inquisitor cause when my friends and I played Coup with Inquisitor, we all sorta agreed Inquisitor was unhealthy due to the fact that it could just peek at someone’s card and break the whole bluffing aspect of the game.


Yeah, I noticed this was a different Inquisitor. The other one where you could check cards of the other player and swap was actually kind of annoying.

Yeah, I remember a game where someone just kept using the Inquisitor over and over to keep tabs on everyone’s cards. It was annoying.

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Oh btw I should mention, the deck is in a fixed order when the game begins. This means knowledge you learn from Inquisitor and Ambassador are extra useful if someone were to draw from the top of the deck


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assassin seems really strong

Assassin cost is just under half of a coup and it can be blocked by a contessa.

But if someone claims Contessa it’s a huge risk play because if they’re correctly called out as lying then they’d lose 1 card for the challenge and 1 for being assassinated.

So Assassin has a huge mind game to go through

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