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In the not so distant future, water has almost run out. The poles serve as the only source of water in the world. The United Nations has granted each country vast swathes of Antarctica. Tensions are high and any “ventures” into claimed land would result in nuclear war. Lately, many directives like yours have taken to… ingenius means to remove the competition, forcing others to send their best and brightest home. The cold war for Antarctica is heating up, can you do your duty and ensure the clear gold keeps flowing?

Welcome to Coup: Uprising! Hosted by yours truly, @EliThePsycho. Made by Div.


At the start of the game, each player is dealt 3 cards. These are your “lives” and they determine what actions you can truthfully perform. You may not show your cards to anybody. If a card is face-up, it is dead and you cannot use it anymore. If all of your cards are face-up, you die and lose.
Additionally, every player is given 2 tokens. This is your currency, and is used or gained by certain actions

The action order is determined randomly.

Your Turn

On your turn, you must perform an action. You have three options:

  1. Use a Universal Action. These actions are always available to everybody, and most of them cannot be challenged.
  2. Use an action on a card that you do have.
  3. Bluff having a card and use its action.

When performing an action, please format it like this:

:exclamation: I want to do [X] action and [effect]
:exclamation: I claim [X] and [effect]


If a player performs an action that is specific to a card, you may “challenge” them if you think they do not have that card. Once challenged, the challenged will then flip over a card of their choice; then, one of two things happens.

  • If it is the card they claimed, then the challenger flips over one of their cards, and the challenged will draw a new card & place the flipped over one on the bottom of the deck. Then, they take their action as normal.
  • If it isn’t the card they claimed, then they lose that card & it is dead. The action they tried to take is cancelled.

When challenging somebody, please format it like this:

:crossed_swords: I challenge your [X] claim!


Certain cards allow you to block actions others take, cancelling their action and moving on to the next turn. Note that this can still be bluffed, and claiming a block can be challenged as usual.

When blocking please format it like this.

:shield: I block your [X]!

The Holding Area

Certain actions will have you place tokens into the Holding Area, instead of losing them. The Holding Area can only hold tokens, and the tokens in there will remain there until they are taken away (for example, via the Stockpile action). See the actions dropdown for specifics.


Every card in the game belongs to either the Blue Strip, the Red Strip, or the Yellow Strip. Certain things interact with these strips (for example, if you try to Stockpile then somebody may challenge you on it. If you have a Blue Strip card in your hand, then the challenge works, otherwise it does not.)

Actions & The Deck

Here is a list of every action you can take, and every card and how many are in the deck.

Actions & Cards

Universal Actions

Income - Gain 1 token.
Funding - Put 1 token into the Holding Area. Draw 1 card from the deck, then place one card in your hand onto the bottom of the deck.
Uprising - Lose 8 token. Target a player. They flip over one of their cards & lose that life.
Stockpile - Draw all tokens in the Holding Area. You may be challenged on this. If you have Blue Strip cards in your hand, you lose the challenge, otherwise they lose the challenge.

Blue Strip

Minister (4 in deck) - Gain 3 tokens. If you have Red Strip cards in your hand and are challenged, you lose the challenge.
President (2 in deck) - Gain X+2 tokens. Then, give X+1 players 1 token, starting with the player below you on the player list. X is how many alive players there are, divided by two, then rounded up.
Entreprenuer (3 in deck) - Draw 5 tokens from the reserve. The Holding Area gains 1 token. After usage, you may not claim Blue Strip cards, Sentry Guard, General, or take Income until your next turn is over.

Red Strip

Politician (2 in deck) - Lose 6 tokens to block a Bounty Hunter targetted at you.
Ability #2: Lose 9 tokens to block an Uprising targetted at you.
Medic (3 in deck) - Lose 9 tokens. Draw a card. Then, you may choose to place a card from your hand at the bottom to draw a new card. You may only do this if at least one of your cards is dead.
Ability #2: When somebody loses a life, you may lose 2 tokens to swap a card from your hand with the card that died.
Bounty Hunter (4 in deck) - Lose 3 tokens and put 1 token into the Holding Area. Then choose a player. They lose a life.

Yellow Strip

Sentry Guard (4 in deck) - Gain 2 tokens.
Ability #2: Block Bounty Hunter.
General (4 in deck) - Choose a player. Steal 2 tokens from them.
Ability #2: If targetted by a General, you may gain 2 tokens.
Peacekeeper (4 in deck) - Draw 2 cards. Then, put 2 cards from your hand into the bottom of the deck.
Ability #2: Block General.


  1. Intensify
  2. Atlas
  3. Squirrel2412
  4. Whysper
  5. Magnus
  6. Nightingale
  7. Aelin
  8. SkyRED
  9. Jane

If there is an excess of signups, I may stretch the list to 10, maybe even 13 (but please don’t make me do that, every signup past 10 adds a neutral killer).

Backups (i guess)


  1. Div

Diplomatic Initiative is an extra game mode, featuring teams, an extra “Green Strip” and country cards!


The first big change is the introduction of country cards. At the start of the game, in addition to your normal cards, you will be dealt a “Country Card” which determines what team you are on and a few extra abilities you can use, but only if your Country Card is revealed. You may only reveal your country on your turn, unless specified otherwise. Teams win all together, even if members of the team are dead.
I might also remove some of these countries from being dealt to players, we’ll see. But the number of players on each team will stay the same.
Also your country card is automatically revealed upon your death, minus any effects it might have.

Certain countries use “counters” to activate their abilities. Counters are basically tokens, but used for different purposes.

Trans-Continental Security Alliance

United States of America - You can only reveal your country card at the start of the game. Once you do, you may learn up to 2 other players country cards (may be less, depending on playercount).
After you claim a card, you may choose someone to use that card instead of you. (Entrepreneur downside still applies to you.)
Your Blue Strip claims may not be challenged.

United Kingdom- Reveal your country card at any time to activate the following:
At any time, choose a player and one of the following effects of your choice will happen to them:

Lose a life.
Lose as many tokens as you have when used. If Japan is revealed, you cannot target them with this.
Gain a life. If this targets a dead player, they revive with 1/2 of the tokens they had before, rounded down.

You may only do this twice.

Germany - Reveal your country card to gain 2 counters. When performing an Uprising, if successful, you may lose 1 counter and 2 tokens to make the target lose another life.
When you make a player lose their final life, gain a counter.

France - While you are alive & revealed, revealed members of your team may swap X tokens amongst themselves every round. X is defined as the number of alive allies you have, times two. Your swaps will be processed after a player’s turn is over.

Italy - Reveal your country card at any time to gain the ability for the following action: Lose 2 tokens to remove a counter from a country of your choice.
While you are revealed, if anybody that isn’t known to be aligned with you claims the Minister, Peacekeeper, or Sentry Guard, you may take a free action. Additionally, you may not claim Blue Strip cards or the General while revealed, and your hand size is reduced to two.

United Security Confederation

Russia - You can only reveal your country card at the start of the game. If you do, draw 1 card from the deck and place it on your country card. You may claim it as if it was part of your hand. Additionally, gain two counters. When someone uses Uprising or Bounty Hunter on you, you may discard a counter to block it. Your counters may not be removed by Italy.

China - Upon revealing (at any time), do a free action. Place 2 counters on your country card. You may discard 1 counter to perform a free action, as soon as the current turn is over. You may forgo your action to gain 1 counter. You may only have 4 counters at a time.

Japan - If you are revealed, you may take an action on your turn to search the deck & exchange a card from it with a card in your hand, then shuffle the deck. Your token cap also increases to 27, and upon revealing you gain 4 tokens.

South Korea - Upon revealing, give a counter to any revealed player, then draw a card and place it on your country card (you may look at it). You may not claim it, but you can use it with the below ability.
While you are revealed & alive, once per round (twice if you have more than 2 revealed allies), any 2 revealed allies may swap one card with eachother. The cards are not revealed. When swapping, draw 1 token.

India - You may reveal your country card at any time. While revealed, if you lose a challenge you may pay 3 tokens to draw a new card, after the challenge is resolved.

Neutral (wins on their own, if alive at end of game. Only used if there is an odd amount of players, or if there is 10+)

North Korea - Reveal your country card at any time to gain as many counters as there are alive playes, up to 8. You may spend counters at any time to draw a new card (if one of your cards is dead), or to gain 5 tokens. This is disabled at 4 players alive.

Switzerland - While revealed, if you lose a life choose a player. They also lose a life.
While revealed, you may take the following action on your turn: Lose 4 tokens to make target player reveal their country card & cards to you. You may reveal at any time.
Both of these are disabled at 4 players alive.

Isreal - While revealed, your claims cannot be challenged. Upon revealing, increase your hand size to 4, and draw a card. Both of these are disabled at 4 players alive. You may reveal at any time.

The Green Strip

Scout (2 in deck) - Lose 3-9 tokens to look at 1-3 of target player’s cards (amount of tokens corresponds to amount of cards looked at.) (Blocked by Entrepreneur)
Ability #2: Draw any amount of cards, then place the same amount of cards back & lose that amount +1 tokens.

Diplomat (2 in deck) - Lose 1 token, and give one token to the Holding Area, then choose a player: they take an immediate free action.
Ability #2: Place any amount of tokens on an unrevealed player’s country card. They may not reveal it until there is no more tokens on it. They may, at any time, lose 1 token to take 1 token off of their country card.
You may not use the Diplomat on a free action.

Activist (2 in deck) - When somebody else loses a life, claim this card to take a free action. You cannot do this if you just took an action, or if a free action just happened (challenges are fair game). The above ability can only be successfully used by the whole table 4 times in each round.
Ability #2: Block Bounty Hunter.

Commissar (2 in deck) - Choose a player. They show you a random card from their hand. You may choose to discard it, but if you do they draw a card. If you use this on a revealed ally, do it twice.
Ability #2: Lose 2 tokens to target 2 players and yourself. Everybody you targetted cannot gain tokens during their next action, outside of drawing from the Holding Area. (Blocked by Bounty Hunter.)

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