[Misc] Forum Battle Royale - Round 25 (1/10) - Jane is the victor!

Forum Battle Royale


The full map will be posted to the main thread each turn.

On turn 1, players will be dropped in random locations across the map. Some players may start on the same tile.

Player locations will be shown as the number of players on each tile. Additionally, the map will be gradually reduced in size due to a harmful force field placed on outer tiles. The turn before this happens, the tiles affected will be shaded on the map.


When the round starts, the player will know the items, weapons, and other players on their current tile. Each round will have 2 main phases: Discussion Phase and Action Phase. A round lasts 24 hours, though actions need to be submitted an hour before deadline to allow time for processing.

Discussion Phase

During the Discussion Phase, all players may talk via global intercom using the main thread. If players are on the same tile, they will also share a private thread together. The players may taunt each other or make deals. However, nothing is binding. A player agreeing to a truce may still attack the other player during the Action Phase.

Action Phase

For the Action Phase, there is a round of 8 turns with 1 action each turn. For each turn, the players will be randomly sorted for processing order. The player submits 8 actions along with what they are keeping in their 8 inventory slots and which weapon is equipped.


For each action, the player may choose among the following available actions.

Attack: Attack a random player within range with the equipped weapon.

Attack [player name]: Attack the specified player with the equipped weapon. If the player is not within range, then no action is taken.

Equip [weapon name]: Equip the specified weapon from inventory. If the weapon is not available, then no action is taken.

Loot: Loot a random item or weapon from current tile. An empty inventory slot is required.

Loot [item/weapon name]: Loot the specified item or weapon from current tile. If the item or weapon is not available, then no action is taken. An empty inventory slot is required.

Loot Item: Loot a random item from current tile. An empty inventory slot is required.

Loot Weapon: Loot a random weapon from current tile. An empty inventory slot is required.

Move [direction]: Move in the specified direction (N, S, E, or W). If movement is not allowed in that direction, then no action is taken.

Use [item name]: Use the specified item from inventory. If the item is not available, then no action is taken.


The player has 8 available inventory slots. Equipped weapons and items do not take up a slot. To loot an item or weapon, an empty slot is required. Each round, the player specifies what they are keeping in their inventory and which weapon is currently equipped. Anything else is dropped on their current tile.


Attacks are done with an equipped weapon. A random roll is used to determine if the weapon hits based on its accuracy. If the hit is successful, the weapon damage reduces the health of the target player.

Weapon Range

With the player located in the middle tile, this shows which tiles can be attacked at range 0, range 1, and range 2.

FBR Range


Each player starts with 10 hitpoints (HPs). They lose HPs from attacks and recover HPs through certain items. If a player reaches 0 HPs, they die and are eliminated from the game. A death message will be posted to the main thread indicating who killed them and what weapon was used. This includes deaths by a Land Mine or the force field.


Player A killed Player B with a Machete!
Player C killed Player D with a Land Mine!
Player E was killed by the force field!

When a player dies, they will drop all weapons and items on their current tile. Dead players can no longer post in the game thread. They will be invited to the spectator thread.


A player may establish a truce with one other player. They will not attack this player as a random target. However, the other player can still attack them as a random target if they did not establish a reciprocal truce. A player may still attack players they have a truce with by doing an attack and specifying the player’s name.

Truces are submitted privately to the host, so the other player will not know if you actually followed through with establishing a truce.


For most terrain, movement can occur over them and weapons can be shot through them. There is no difference in movement speed. Loot can be found on any tile that can be moved onto. Below are some special terrains.

FBR Ocean Ocean: Movement cannot occur over these tiles.

FBR Lake Lake: Movement cannot occur over these tiles.

FBR Mountain Mountain: Movement cannot occur over these tiles. Additionally, weapons cannot be shot through them.

FBR Building Building: Any variation of a building tile has a higher chance of containing loot at the start of the game.

Additional Info

These rules and other additional info like weapon stats can be found on my website Forum Battle Royale.

Forum Battle Royale - Items (whysper.info)
Forum Battle Royale - Weapons (whysper.info)


  1. Intensify Killed by Jane
  2. Boss110 Killed by Marluxion
  3. Marluxion Killed by Jane
  4. Wazza Killed by Aelin
  5. BlueStorm Jane
  6. EliThePsycho Killed by Aelin
  7. Nerbins Killed by Jane
  8. Zone_Q11 Killed by Jane
  9. Aelin Killed by Marluxion
  10. Leafia Killed by Aelin

Thread Marks

Round 1

PMs will be sent to each player. Please wait before posting.

Okay, PMs have been sent out. This is now the Discussion Phase. You can post now.

You can submit your 8 actions at any time until the deadline in 23 hours (2021-04-11T17:00:00Z). After all actions are submitted from every player, then I will process them together at once.

The map shows the location of players, but you won’t know exactly who is where. The number indicates the number of players there, which is currently 1 everywhere since no one landed together. :slight_smile:

Hey guys.

Let’s all meet up at 0,0 and go swimming.

okay what the fuck I regret not reading OP.



I wanna rendezvous with some people.

I’m one of the people at tile 9.2, 11.1, 16.3 and I’m meeting up at 13.3 to set up alliance and truce.

For those other two in the location that I mentioned, come meet up with me.

If you’re not 9.2, 11.1 or 16.3, don’t come or else I will murder you.

Oh BTW, even if your starting location has no weapon, you always have your fists available for fighting. :slight_smile:

Wait how much damage do our fists do


  • Accuracy Range 0: 90%
  • Accuracy Range 1: 0%
  • Accuracy Range 2: 0%
  • Damage: 1
  • Uses: ∞
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Yeah ok fists are inefficient.


Sorry, forgot to ping people. Pinging those who haven’t posted here yet.

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Here are links for the item and weapon lists. I wanted to avoid cluttering the OP with even more stuff.

Forum Battle Royale - Items (whysper.info)
Forum Battle Royale - Weapons (whysper.info)

Hm. Murder. Alright, expect me to come there.

This is a not gaming move.

I am not gamer.
I am Zone.

: |

why must u do this to me

Because I am Zone, and because your avatar says: “PLZ End Me”

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you know he’s got a fair point