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Card game set in a cyberpunk future where 2 to 6 thieves compete in their attempt to extract valuable data from a corporate facility. As they move deeper into the complex and bypass its security measures, they must decide at each turn whether to press forward for the most vital information or start their escape before the building is locked down.

At the end of the game, the operative who escapes the facility with the most zettabytes of data wins the game.


Server Pool

The server pool of DF tokens starts with 117 DF tokens.

  • 58 with 1 zettabyte
  • 41 with 2 zettabytes
  • 18 with 3 zettabytes


The facility is built with 13 different room cards: 6 1st-floor rooms, 6 2nd-floor rooms, and a secret room. Each room contains specific elements that the player can interact with.


The game is played in a series of rounds. Each round involves 4 phases:

  1. Selection
  2. Resolution
  3. NPC
  4. Security

1. Selection Phase

Each player selects an action card or item card from their hand. This remains hidden from the other players.

2. Resolution Phase

The first player for the round reveals their card and resolves it. Then the next player reveals their card and resolves it. This continues until all players have revealed and resolved their cards.

3. NPC Phase

The cards for any revealed NPCs are resolved starting from the entry room and moving forward through the facility. If there are 2 or more NPCs in a room, the current player decides which is resolved first.

See Infiltration - NPCs.

4. Security Phase

The Security Tracker contains 2 different dials, a proximity dial and an alarm dial.

The proximity dial measures how close the security forces are to the facility. It starts at 00 and goes up to 99. When the proximity dial reaches 99, the security forces have arrived and the game ends.

The alarm dial measures how many alarms the operatives have triggered by their activity inside the facility. It starts at 0 and goes up to 8. If the alarm dial is already at 8 and a card ability would increase it, the alarm dial stays at 8.

During the Security Phase, a 6-sided die is rolled. The sum of this number plus the alarm dial number is added to the proximity dial number.



Move forward one room, revealing the room card if it is facedown and resolving any REVEAL function on the room card. If the room card has any ENTER function, it is resolved. If the player is in the last room of the facility, the Advance action has no effect.


Move backward one room. If the room card has any ENTER function, it is resolved. If the player is in the entry room of the facility, they escape the facility.


Activate the INTERFACE function listed on the room card if there is also an interface token. The action has no effect if the room does not contain both an INTERFACE function and an interface token.


Collect a number of DF tokens from the available DF token space on the room card. The first player to use the action during the current round takes up to 2 available DF tokens. All other players collect only 1 available DF token. The action has no effect if the room has no available DF tokens.


The player starts with and may find additional item cards. These can be played instead of an action card. Item cards usually grant unique abilities and are normally resolved immediately. Most item cards stay face up with the player until the end of the round. They are then discarded or returned to the player’s hand. Each card will indicate exactly which to do. Some items are left in the room that the player currently occupies.

For available item cards, see Infiltration - Items.


Room cards contain the following information.

For available room cards, see Infiltration - Rooms.

Available DF Token Space

Data file (DF) tokens represent digital information from the central server. They come in denominations of 1, 2, or 3 zettabytes. A player can view their own DF token denominations, but those for other players remain hidden.

Tokens on this space are available for the player to Download. The number listed indicates the number of DF tokens placed on this space when the room is revealed.

REVEAL Function

Activated when the room is first revealed.

ENTER Function

Activated any time the room is entered.


Many rooms have an INTERFACE function. An interface token is placed on the room card when revealed. A player can use the Interface action to access the INTERFACE function. At some point the token may be discarded, which prevents further access to the INTERFACE function.

TECH LOCK Function

Some rooms have a TECH LOCK function. A tech lock token is placed on the room card when revealed. Tech locks hold additional DF tokens, which are added to the DF tokens in the room when the lock is destroyed through various game effects. Additional effects may happen when a tech lock is destroyed. The effect happens before the DF tokens are added to the room.

Lab Worker

Some rooms have a lab worker. Similar to tech locks, they add a number of DF tokens to the room when destroyed.

ADVANCE Function

A few rooms have a special ADVANCE function that gets resolved when a player uses the Advance action while in that room.

RETREAT Function

A few rooms have a special RETREAT function that gets resolved when a player uses the Retreat action while in that room.


The game ends immediately if either of the following conditions occur:

  • All operatives escape the facility.
  • The proximity dial reaches 99. Each operative still in the facility at that time is captured by the security mercs and eliminated from the game.

When the game ends, each operative (excluding those eliminated) calculates their final score by flipping their collected DF tokens faceup and adding their values. This is the total number of zettabytes of data the operative collected. Some cards, such as “Prototype”, can also affect this total. The operative with the most zettabytes of data wins the game. If only one operative escapes the facility, they automatically win the game regardless of how many zettabytes of data they collected.

In case of a tie, the tied operative with a “Prototype” card wins the game. If there is still a tie, the tied operative with the most DF tokens wins the game. If there is still a tie, the tied operative with the “Blackmail File” card wins the game. If there is still a tie, the game ends in a draw.


Healthy Operatives

Operatives start the game on their healthy side.

Wounded Operatives

Some card effects can wound operatives. When an operative becomes wounded, the player flips their operative card to its wounded side.

Wounded operatives ignore further wounds, but remain wounded until an item or room card effect instructs the player to flip their operative card to its healthy side.

While wounded, after a player resolves either their “Advance” or “Retreat” card during the Resolution Phase of a round, their operative becomes delayed.

Delayed Operatives

An operative can become delayed by various effects in the game. When an operative becomes delayed, their operative marker is tipped on its side.

During the Selection Phase, a delayed operative cannot select their “Advance” or “Retreat” action card. At the end of the Selection Phase, the operative returns their operative marker upright to indicate that they are no longer delayed.



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