[MISC] Karma - (canned)

You’re quite the problem, aren’t you?

How do you sleep easy in this world?
This game is more of a MISC than a Roleplay, for those who want that! This will give me vital knowledge for a coming Misc/Rp in the future (cough cough DeathNote cough ahem.)
A murderous killer has come into this world, leaving victim after victim. The Chief Police Officer assigned trusted men to track this person down. But it isn’t enough. So the world’s best Detective, known only as Dante to the world at large, got interested in the case. Working closely with the Police, Dante is confident that this killer WILL be apprehended.

One player will be the Murderer. For public image, that will be handled by the Journalists.
One player will be Dante. He will have numerous resources.
Some players may be Detectives assigned to the case. They can assign a Head Detective, who will work closest with Dante and have further resources.
Some players may be Journalists. They manipulate the Public Opinion and determine which information is released publicly.

This game uses an ingame calandar. Dante and the Police have up to one year (365 days) to capture the Murderer. This clock can be cut short dramatically by certain events (Example; if Dante is murdered). However, it can also be increased if certain information is found, and the likelihood of capturing the Murderer is very high.

Public Opinion: Defiant

Karma -

  1. James Detective Piston :blue_heart:
  2. Simon
  3. PoisonedSquid
  4. Hja
  5. Boss110
  6. Soulshade
  7. Strangle
  8. JakeTheWolfie
  9. DirectorHail Journalist Cain
  10. GamerPoke
  11. Marshal
  12. KyoDaz Journalist TessA
  13. Kai
  14. Insanity

Journalist Reports -
15 Found Dead at Westshire Hotel - Written by Nicholas Cain

Hey readers, it’s TessA! Today we’re going to be discussing recent MURDERS! This article also DISPROVES slanderous claims! - Written by Tess Ardent

Crazy Town Mastakiller on loose - Written by Luke Cross

My Little Pony: Off the Leash - Written by Luke Cross

Journalist Tess Ardent May be in Trouble, Police gain Ground on the Murderer Investigation - Written by Nicholas Cain

Forgery - Written by Luke Cross

Courtcase - Written by Magnus

Mastakiller Strikes Down a Detective - Written by Nicholas Cain

Tank Regulations - Written by Tess Ardent

Tess Ardent - Free from the corruption of the Police - Written by Tess Ardent

Tessa Ardent - Flagrant Law Avoider - Written by Thomas Paine

@Emilia (i know you want DeathNote misc to happen, and this is pretty close)
@Simon (I think you’ll like this)
@James (I think you’ll like this too)
@DirectorHail (I reckon you’ll be murdered first)
@Soulshade55r (Why not?)
@eevee (Give it a go?)
@PoisonedSquid (Give it a go?)
@Ami (Howdy Partner, come try it out in the shooting range)
@Shurian (Angery Durian noises)

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Angery Durian Noises.
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why not, not do this rp.

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Let’s get this shitshow over with. I’m gonna be the killer and have my killing ability removed by general consensus.

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