[Misc] Shortnight 3: Chloe's Revenge (3/9) - SCUMCIETY WIN

the forum has been HACKED

chloe and PokerWolves.nut the only forum permanently blacklisted from champs are gonna DDOS the forum of lies

it is up to you to stop it

however there might be more to this tale? Who knows? Do we care? Do we want to kill some demons?

the answer to all these questions except the last one is no btw

also theres a bunch of travelers as well

Pre-Game (Night 1 Has begun!)

Night 1 ends 2021-04-02T01:00:00Z



Seating Order: (1 and 9 are considered adjacent.)

1: thepigeonnyc ( Bureaucrat )
2: PokemonKidRyan
3: Gorta
4: clonedcheese
5: Aelin
6: Amelia
7: Wazza ( Gunslinger )
8: ElithePsycho
9: Marluxion

@thepigeonnyc and @Wazza are Travelers!




A travelling Character List has arrived!

Character Lists

We’re playing trouble brewing with a Legion today, may god have mercy on your poor souls.

Investigator: You start knowing that one of two players is a particular Minion.
Washerwoman: You start knowing that one of two players is a particular Townsfolk.
Librarian: You start knowing that one of two players is a particular Outsider (or that no Outsiders are in play).
Monk: Each night (not the first), select a player (not yourself); they are safe from the Demon tonight.
Soldier: You are safe from the Demon.
Mayor: If you are killed at night, another player might die instead. If there is no execution when only three players remain, good wins.
Chef: You start the game knowing how many pairs of evil players there are (evil players next to each other in the player list)
Empath: Each night, you learn how many of your living neighbours next to you on the playerlist are evil
Fortune Teller: Each night, select two people; you will learn if one of them is the Demon. One good player is the “Red Herring” and will register as Demon to you.
Slayer: Once per game during the day, publicly select a target. If they are the Demon, they die.
Virgin: The first time you are nominated, your accuser will instead be executed if they are Townsfolk.
Ravenkeeper: If you die at night, wake to select a player; you learn their character.
Undertaker: Each night, you learn which character died by execution today.

Butler: Each night, choose a player (not yourself): tomorrow, you may only vote if they are voting too.
Drunk: You think you are a Townsfolk, but the ability that you think you have instead malfunctions.
Recluse: You might register as evil & as a Minion or Demon, even if dead.
Saint: If you die by execution, your team loses.

Poisoner: Each night, choose a player; their ability malfunctions tonight and tomorrow day.
Spy: Each night, you see the Grimoire. You might register as good & as a Townsfolk or Outsider, even if dead.
Baron: There are extra Outsiders in play. [+2 Outsiders]
Scarlet Woman: If more than five players are alive and the Demon dies, you will become the Demon.

Chloe: Each night (not the first), choose a player: they die. If you kill yourself this way, a Minion becomes the Chloe.
Undeclared Hydra: Each night (not the first night), a player might die. Executions fail if only evil voted. You register as a Minion too. [Most players are Undeclared Hydra]

the Hell’s Librarian is in play.

You are not allowed to speak.

Pays Hell’s Librarian before they leave


D1 has officially started and you can talk.


biased hosts
down with the hosts

i is lonely :frowning:
someone come talk to me

Wait how come the Hell’s Librarian gets paid more than I do

They do more than you do.

leafia already knows how to bully intensify

this is a good start


Indeed and I have some… interesting neighbours.
So this shall be a fun game.

aside from that

here’s your april fools for today

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let’s go I have poggers neighbours

oh wait I specifically selected these neighbours lol

All they do is go around poking people with guns and telling them to shut up : (

I’m busy watching “experienced” players almost execute a Saint on Day 1

because the Saint decided hardclaiming Heretic was a good idea

y’all I rang up my ambassador friend and he gave me two cards, one said I should wake up and the other said that the ones we call storytellers aren’t storytellers, I think it’s a Vortox game tbh

they didn’t execute the Saint day 1

this is a ripoff

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Wrong game :eyes:

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A quick note about Clocktower theory and how I will play this game. Note that the arguments and facts presented here are indisputable, and that I will not engage in arguments about them, because those arguments are you wasting everyone else’s time about meta that is well and comprehensively established. Go make reads so we can read you.

I’ve reflected on my role and realized that there is a GTO play for me in this game, and therefore I am compelled to pursue it. I am going to brute force my clearness immediately upon the opening of the thread.

I am hard-claiming, and I will never be rescinding. I am the Fortune Teller. When it becomes prudent I will provide my peeks.


  1. I will survive tonight: I do not believe the wolves are able to kill me tonight, because it is so objectively unlikely that I would ever do this as the Fortune Teller. I believe that this decision reduces the importance of the Fortune Teller cover to be provided by all of you to the point of it being negligible. The evil team have already been outplayed, as it were.
  2. I’m lock clear: All of you already know I’m lock clear, because it is so objectively unlikely that I would do this as a demon. You know this for at least two reasons. First, this is the easiest, lowest-stress, lowest-demand game to be a demon in that I’ve ever played in (except for teensies). I have no need to complicate my life, as a demon, by open-claiming on thread open, when all Ihave to do is provide like a C-level demon game to probably win. This is the rare instance where you literally know that I have a billion other options as a demon, AND that I would pursue probably ALL of them before pursuing this. Second, I engage in FPS exceedingly rarely, which necessarily means that I know that this will look WEIRD and SHOCKING to you. There is no merit to a demon play that instantly generates WEIRD and SHOCKED responses that I would be obligated to finesse and manage for the remainder of the game. As a villager, which I am, the burden is totally on you to not **** up and execute me. Makes my life super awesome. 3. There are only 11 players you need to try to read, rather than 12: I have already provided a “free” peek of me in a game with a mere 13 players. Our win equity is dramatically improved by my being entirely off the table for the entire game. Conclusion: The burden of sound reasoning is now entirely upon you. I am the fortune teller, and thus a villager, and thus lock clear. The game is immediately simpler than it would otherwise have been, because of my decision. Now, let us enjoy that benefit and win the game.

Also, to preempt a lengthy and pointless discussion. It is NOT dumb to ponder this post and convince yourself of its wisdom. That is your obligation as a villager, and I encourage you to think it over for as long as it takes to quell your (initially valid but ultimately unnecessary) concerns. It IS dumb to, AFTER doing that pondering, conclude that I’m “neutral” or “evil.” That is legitimately stupid, and I won’t entertain it. ONE of the reasons it is a stupid conclusion is that the upside of this play as a demon is absolutely DWARFED by the upside of this play as a villager. There is no equivalency between the EV gain for demon-me in this position and villager-me in this position. They’re universes apart. That means I wouldn’t DO the poorer option of the two (by extension, demon-me also wouldn’t BELIEVE that I could convince the entire game of the truth of these assertions for the entire game, which as an end-game demon I would have to believe if this strategem were to be worth pursuing). A SECOND reason that conclusion is stupid is that the EV bonus of doing this as a demon is COMPLETELY DWARFED by me baseline demon EV anyway. Anything that complicates my wolfing life is RIDICULOUSLY stupid for me to do, given that my demon life is ALREADY one of the smoothest, highest expectation demon lives in Clocktower history anyway. A THIRD reason that conclusion is stupid is that you would probably have to worry about being EXPLOITED by this gambit in order to get there. However, I have NEVER engaged in this, or any similar, gambit in my entire career, meaning that if there IS exploitation to be had with this play, it is in FUTURE GAMES, not this game. For these reasons, pressuring me is extremely evil and should not be engaged in by any villager, ever, in this game. There will be no less productive pursuit than that in this game. Sucks for the evil team when meta is wielded this brutally, but my allegiance is plain and my strategy perfect. Get #rekt.

@GGhana if amelia uses it i get to use it