[MISC] Superfight - Round 6, Phase 2 - CANNED

Welcome to Superfight, hosted by @EliThePsycho, the game where you do the fighting thing.

Please, kindly read the following before inning, unless you already know how to superfight. In order to in, just type /in.

Phase 1: 24h max

The game starts on this phase. If it’s the start of the game, a player will randomly be picked to be the starting challenger. They will then go through the Making your Fighter steps within 12 hours. Then, their fighter will be revealed.

After their fighter is revealed, the player below them will be the “Challenger”. They then get to make a fighter within 12 hours to face off against the previous challenger. Their fighter will be revealed, and we will go to phase 2.

Making your Fighter

Each time you make a fighter, you will draw 3 white cards and 3 black cards. The white cards are your base fighter, things like “Abraham Lincoln” or “Kindergarten Class”. The black cards are powers and weaknesses your fighter has, things like “Wields a lightsaber” or “Has tiny legs”. Pick 1 of each.

After you have picked your fighter and attribute, I will then randomly draw another black card from the deck, which will be added to your fighter upon revealing.

Phase 2: 24H max

This phase is really simple. Everybody may discuss who they think will win, and why, and the challengers may present their arguements to why they should win. Then, every player who is not fighting will vote on who they think would win in a fight. Whoever gets the most votes wins the competition, and their fighter will stay in to fight the next champion. The game then goes to Phase 1 again.

Note that when your fighter has beaten 3 opponents, it will “retire” and you will have to draw a new one.


For every victory won, a player earns 1 trophy. In order to win, you must gain a certain number of trophies, depending on the players inned.

6-10: 5 trophies

10-16: 4 trophies

16+: 3 trophies


  1. Cheeki
  2. Light
  3. Intensify
  4. Wazza
  5. GGhana
  6. Nerbins
  7. Simon
  8. Gorta
  9. Marl
  10. WindwardAway
  11. Min
  12. DatBird (as a voter, cannot draw cards)
  13. Geyde (as a voter, cannot draw cards)

And many more! (maybe)



i know the OP sucks. no, i do not care.


I love these kinds of games lol

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ping me if I’m meant to read OP

This feels like a game lawyers would play in their spare time.

unless you’ve already played the game


isn’t it the opposite

because there’s no rules or facts to argue over

it’s politicians who play this in their free time


Well yeah that’s sorta the point, to see how well you can argue against each other.


lawyers who think they’re smarter than everyone else, and probably are
and politicians who think they’re smarter than everyone else, but are really stupid

no it’s politicians only

because it involves convincing people to side with you over things that don’t matter

and also lots of bribery/blackmail if you’re a gamer

Haha, that description doesn’t necessarily exclude lawyers :slight_smile:

Imagine having a game that excludes lawyers.

You’d be in for a lawsuit then :slight_smile: