[MISC] Superfight - Round 6, Phase 2 - CANNED


Guess there’s no point being stuck in the past.

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the politicians bribe the lawyers

the serpent eats its own tail

so society shall meet its end


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I look at my past scum games with fresh eyes and I wonder how I got widely townread despite my lack luster peformance as scum.

I’m not sure why this matters

unless this game is actually just a marson in disguise which I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was

Ah yes mountainous games. Easy for hosts.
Hard for players :sunglasses: .

superfight, but every card is ‘Arsonist’

“This character is an Arsonist and an Arsonist, but an Arsonist, vs. the challenger’s fighter, who is, in stark contrast, both an Arsonist and an Arsonist, but with the drawback of also being an Arsonist.”


So, how long will signups be open for?

signups will be open until i get home from school tommorow, so around 2021-03-16T21:30:00Z



can’t decide if i want to join this or not

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it seems fun if you have time :eyes:

it does seem fun :eyes:

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eh, why not
I will live to regret my decisions!


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This game could take a loooong while

guess what

i’m home from school

signups closed, yadda yadda yadda

can i legally use this thread for the game