Misc: Trapped - Game over. PKR is free

For Hundreds of years, bobbing craft full of Unfortunates have been brought to the Tower, keen to take onThe VoiceAnd its dark, magical forces. Challenges await them on every floor, and someone not to be trusted! But only one can win the ‘Key of freedom’. And the rest? Well…"

You’re Trapped! Mwahahahaha…

Game rules

Up to 8 players will take part in tasks, with one player selected as a saboteur.
The saboteur will be guided by ‘The Voice’ in Pms, and be tasked with ensuring the task is failed. Saboteurs cannot talk to The Voice - only recieve orders from it!

Task outcomes

If the Unfortunates complete a task, the Saboteur is automatically locked in the room - with the others advancing.
Regardless of the result, players in order instructed by the Voice will be asked to vote for the Saboteur at the end of the game. Other than when voting, players may not talk once a game ends
If the challenge was failed:-
If the Saboteur recieves the most votes, they are ‘Detected’ and will be locked in the room
If a normal unfortunate is voted, the Saboteur chooses any player, except someone who voted for them, and they are locked in the room
If 2 or more players are tied for highest votes, as long as at least one is the saboteur, they will draw straws. The shortest is locked in the room.

Fight for freedom

This game requires discord
The 2 remaining players will face a quickfire quiz about events in the Tower. Pay close attention…


Caretaker - He will comment from time to time and provide a tldr explaination to challenges
The Voice - Will talk directly to the participants. Will be critical of saboteurs who don’t try hard enough to sabotage challenges.

Sign ups

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  2. PKR
  3. Wazza
  4. The other App
  5. :joy: Joy
  6. Boss
  7. Jane
  8. Hipp
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misc gang

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so uh rules are a little hard to understand

we do a task

vote on who the bad boy is

what happens if right? game is over?

or is someone new the Saboteur every round?

Saboteur is selected every floor

gotcha so if Saboteur fails to stop them they get eliminated

if Saboteur is successful then the voting rules apply to who get eliminated

yep, that’s it.

The best thing for innocents to do is succeeed the task, or spot who is sabotaging it

vanity wagons are rewarded nice

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As long as they are correct, sure lol

tbh if you know the Saboteur you can just silently vote them and convince thread it’s someone else


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anyway people should join, this looks like fun!

plus we get closer to Dangan if this game alone doesn’t entice you

Votes aren’t silent.

"You must now vote for who you think the Saboteur is and why. Jim, who do you think the saboteur is?"

“I thought it.was Johm, because he kept makimg the wrong choices”

Sally, Who do you think it was?

“I think it was John, because he was acting suspicious”

"John, who do you think the saboteur was?

“Sally, as she was really quiet.”

James, who do you think it was?

“Sally, as she was in the background”

You have voted for John and Sally. Since you’ve been unable to make a choice, you shall draw straws.

Straws are drawn

Sally- you have drawn the short straw. Therefore, you are the unlucky one. I can now reveal the saboteur was in fact Sally. Sally, you will not be leaving this room. The others are free to pass to.the next floor

ohhh gotcha

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so this is elimination saboteur?
what happens in final 2

in 1 misc and signed up for a mash

but i’ll /spectate if allowed

ignoring the fact that i would probably notepad every minor detail no matter how small
this seems like it wouldn’t go well with non-paired timezones


“Italy, you ready?”

“How many fish were mentioned on floor 5?”

“Too slow. The answer was 5”