Monsters: (canned)

I took inspiration from Dungeons and Dragon, Earthbound and Undertale. Kill me.
In a world shared by many mythical creatures, many races, nothing is guaranteed.

The HUMANS live on the surface. They build civilisation, live their lives. Humans are creative, and have many talents.
The MONSTERS scavenge the world, or live in the Void. They are weaker than humans, although you might not know it by fighting one. Contrary to popular belief, monsters are not all savage beasts — some are almost as smart as humans.

  • Monsters are getting stronger, and attacking in stronger force. More and more often celebrated Heroes and Warriors have been found, impaled upon their own sword. It is rumoured that this influx of monsters has been caused by an unidentifiable energy module inside the Caves of Dark Magic, where the Crystal lies and more than one man has met their death. Life is good.

Items Types

Key Items :old_key:
Cannot be used in Battle
Health Items :drop_of_blood:
Restores HP. Consumed after use.
Magic Items :fire:
Uses magic in some way.
Weapons :dagger:
Offensive tool in combat.
Armours :shield:
Defensive tool in combat.

Combat Menu -
FIGHT - Must be specified when performing an attack. Attack your opponent.
ACT - Perform an ACT against your opponent, or to yourself or a friend.
ITEM - Use an item. This can include consumables, or changing weapons or armours.
MERCY - Show your enemy MERCY, sparing them.

  1. Simon - LV 1
  2. Hja - LV 19
  3. Kai - LV 5
  4. Soul - LV 16
  5. Nerbins - LV 1
  6. Hail - LV 1
  7. James - LV 1

/in looks fun.

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I will answer questions.

Cool what’re the monsters?
If you can’t say specifics what are they in a broader sense?

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Monsters are something else

looks cool, literally do not have time to do this, sorry

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You joined the Pokémon thing tho

I can explain it more now

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Monsters are beings of a diverse race that isn’t human or animal, but does have a Soul. simply put.

misc when

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The Eye thing.

So presumably undertale style for monsters but using types of monsters from the other places?

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If so, i’ll add you in.

im waiting on a couple other things to see how they go first.
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Difference between a Character Sheet and a Statistics Sheet:
The character sheet determines YOU, your being.
Your statistics determine your Power. To increase stats, you need to gather EXP by killing monsters.