More complete tutorial

D1 - learn to say hi

N1 - learn to use investigate/night abilities;
receive not sus feedback;
learn to write logs.

D2 - A dead alchemist and observer show up. “the evil factions will kill people at night” [14 players left]
“You do not have useful information at the moment so you should keep it to yourself for the moment”
King points at someone who starts to get upped for claim but is missing a vote.
“The Blue Dragon faction does well when they force evil players to claim a role early as it is then possible to catch them in a lie. As we do not know who the evils are, the king is picking on someone at random”
learn to up people
It claims drunk. The king asks the debaunched person if the logs are truthful. Debauched person confirms it. Court agrees to pardon. “Based on the information available, this person appears to have been telling the truth. You should pardon them for now”
learn to vote in a trial
2nd person gets upped for claim and is silent. Gets executed for not claiming - it is a sellsword.
“Silence is suspicious. You will usually be executed if you cannot come up with convincing logs. Note: if you are a Blue Dragon Player, you MUST post your logs when up on stand. Failure to do so is considered gamethrowing and will be punished.”

N2 - jailed by the prince who asks for claim and logs
“You have been jailed by the prince. You cannot perform your normal night action and must instead talk to the prince tonight. The prince is the most important blue dragon member and you can trust him completely. Post your logs in chat so he can see them. Note: if you are a Blue Dragon Player, you MUST post your logs while jailed by the prince. Failure to do so is considered gamethrowing and will be punished.”
learn to post logs using the button
“remember to add the fact that you were jailed on night 2 to your logs”

D3 - A sheriff shows up dead [12 players left] “This player was the same class as you. This is normal. There can be up to 3 players of each Blue dragon Class and up to 2 of each neutral class, except for those marked as unique.”
King starts upping someone without pointing. Some players complain at king not pointing.
The prince gets upped. “This claims to be the prince. He is extremely important to the Blue Dragon faction so you should pardon him”
The king slams the prince. “The king has 30% chance of being evil. Be wary of trusting him too much.”
Random players: “we should have known king was evil when he didn’t point”
The king: “evil laugh”
“It is often difficult to figure out if a king is evil or not. However, as the other players are lamenting, the king not pointing during the day is often a sign they are evil”

N3 - learn to use surveillance
receive “assassin” feedback

D4 - A phys shows up dead [10 players left]
“You have discovered the identity of a member of the evil faction. This is important information that you should share with the court! Post your logs”
Once you have done so, the king points at you and accuses you of lieing.
Players: “The king is evil. I trust the sheriff” ; “Do we execute the evil king or do we execute the assassin?” ; “I am a butler and I will poison the king” ; “OK we will execute the assassin”
The assassin gets upped and executed.
“Congratulations, thanks to your information, you have managed to execute one of the evil players.”
The drunk whispers to you “hey, can you investigate X tonight? I am suspicious of them”. learn about whispers and whisper him back.

N4 - Night action at the player’s choice. [If the drunk’s advice is followed you find the mastermind.] Get converted to assassin. learn about conversions, the mastermind Read the class card for assassin and mastermind and learn about class cards

D5 - The king and a princess show up dead [7 players left]
The butler says he partied and poisoned the king. He steps as well a noble.
learn about voting for a new king. The noble gets elected.
The king ups then pardons a knight.
A court wizard claims unprompted and says “I don’t want to be the last non-claimer”
Your mastermind gets upped for not claiming “Members of the evil faction have to lie convincingly in order to remain not suspicious.”. The mastermind then gives maid logs. “Your mastermind getting executed would be bad for you. Convince the court he is not evil by lieing and saying you investigated him as not suspicious last night”.
Once the player has said anything, the court pardons.
“There can only be 2 trials per day. Once both are done, no one can be voted for anymore”
learn to use bleed (on the butler)

N5 - learn to stab (the drunk)
learn about deathnotes
The mastermind talks about needing to work out who the neutral killer is tomorrow or else they will lose.
learn about neutrals and the neutral killer

D6 - The drunk and the king show up dead [5 players left]
“Now do some deduction, based on all the information you have available in people’s logs, work out who the neutral killer and execute them before it is too late! Once you have figured it out, vote them up. Remember to check the class cards for information about each class!” [the player is given infinite time and is also given a hint button]

[reminder of people in the game: the player (assassin), the mastermind, the butler claim, the knight claim and the court wizard claim

The evidence in dead people’s logs:

  • the phys exhumed the chronomancer as a sorc kill

  • the noble gossiped one of the knight’s defends

  • the drunk succesfully debauched the knight to someone who didn’t die

  • people were occupied targetting the butler on N4 when he claimed a party

  • [one occupation every night]

  • the princess wisped the butler as not attacking

  • The court wizard claims a nado which didn’t redirect someone

  • the princess flirted the court wizard as killer/offensive

    Hint button: this opens up people’s logs and highlights a piece of evidence

    Whoever you vote on immediately gets voted up by the Mastermind, who says that it is incompatible with the dead drunk. The Mastermind whispers to you “I hope you are right”. Whatever you voted for gets upped and executed.

N7 -
[If the player failed the deduction, then the entire court gets sorc bombed.]

[If the player succeeded, then the butler dies to bleed, you get occupied and csed while your mastermind converts the knight]

D7 - “You were killed by the knight/sorc” Learn about dead chat and being allowed to leave once dead.

 Unseen wins OR Sorceror wins!

Not sure how easy this would be to implement. But I like the ideas here a lot.

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I vaguely remember seeing posts in the past that sounded like the tutorial was a bit hard to work with, but I really like this conceptually (although I don’t know how feasible it is) and do think it’d be a major step forward from the current one.

I don’t know if VFR as a meta is going to stay permanently, though, so maybe this part could be revised


Too long of a tutorial, allot of players would quit and refund before finishing a 30 minutes tutorial