Morphogenetic Mafia - Thread A

Welcome to Morphogenetic Mafia!

Hosted by @Mistyx and @Arete


follow the HECKIN forum rules or perish


Days will be 36 IRL hours long, or shorter if someone gets yeeted
Nights will be 12 IRL hours long
Actions are done via classcard
Mafia will talk through a special Discord server
This game will feature a unique mechanic where there are two private threads. Players on either thread will not be allowed to view the other thread. The only communication between threads will be partner and mafia chats.
Partners will be able to discuss in their classcard, as they share a role.
Pairs will not flip until both players are dead.
Unless stated otherwise, pairs will share one action.
Unless stated otherwise, players who are carrying their pair’s action will not be able to target players on other threads.
The mafia factional kill is mandatory, and will be able to target players on both threads if all mafia on one thread are dead.
Alts are not allowed.
Flavor, should it exist, will not be alignment indicative.
If you have any further questions, ask me in this thread, or your classcard if the game has started.


To vote someone, do /vote [player].
Each thread will have its own execution.
All executions are by plurality. Majority will not be enabled at any point during the game.
Executions are not mandatory.

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want




  1. Marluxion (+ Chloe)
  2. Trochilidae (+ Wazza)
  3. Kyodaz (+ TrustworthyLiberal)
  4. Sulit (+ Katze)
  5. Maple (+ Ephemeral)
  6. EliThePsycho (+ YouButWorse)
  7. Blizer (+ Marshal)
  8. min (+ GGhana)
  9. Nightingale (+ Vulgard)


  • DatBird
  • ATNoName
  • Whysper
  • an_gorta_pratai
  • ArcticXI
  • eevee


  • Jane (uninformed)
  • thepigeonnyc (informed)
  • astand (informed)
  • Shurian (uninformed)



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Don’t talk yet


I don’t have good flavor prepared but basically you guys are trapped in a death game and your partners are on the other side in the same situation

either help each other survive or kill everyone else depends on your alignment idk

Day 1 starts! It will end at 10 PM CST tomorrow, or 2021-01-16T04:00:00Z


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First post


/vote Marluxion
this man sus




hewwo ??


Uh huh

okay then, thats, something

Thread A vote count

Vote Target Voted by Votes
Marluxion Blizer 1

hi my goal is supposed to be escaping with the other people but that sounds less fun then being a psychopath

if you have info from other thread then youre cringe :joy_cat:

good morning y’all
i forgot this existed
i’m too sleepy for this shit

i’m too tired and residually upset to do anything but shitpost rn and lord knows we don’t need that
later nerds
(and nice catgirl maple)


I’ve wolfed and villagered with Maple and I can attest I have no clue how to read them in any capacity

Who are you

Hes a thing i suppose


i got class, so see ya nerds in an hour


I’ve gotten 2 hours of sleep since so long and I’m incredibly pissed off and unhappy

So what does this post mean, because this didn’t come to mind at all to me upon getting my rolecard