Morphogenetic Mafia - Thread B

Welcome to Morphogenetic Mafia!

Hosted by @Mistyx and @Arete


follow the HECKIN forum rules or perish


Days will be 36 IRL hours long, or shorter if someone gets yeeted
Nights will be 12 IRL hours long
Actions are done via classcard
Mafia will talk through a special Discord server
This game will feature a unique mechanic where there are two private threads. Players on either thread will not be allowed to view the other thread. The only communication between threads will be partner and mafia chats.
Partners will be able to discuss in their classcard, as they share a role.
Pairs will not flip until both players are dead.
Unless stated otherwise, pairs will share one action.
Unless stated otherwise, players who are carrying their pair’s action will not be able to target players on other threads.
The mafia factional kill is mandatory, and will be able to target players on both threads if all mafia on one thread are dead.
Alts are not allowed.
Flavor, should it exist, will not be alignment indicative.
If you have any further questions, ask me in this thread, or your classcard if the game has started.


To vote someone, do /vote [player].
Each thread will have its own execution.
All executions are by plurality. Majority will not be enabled at any point during the game.
Executions are not mandatory.

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want




  1. Chloe (+ Marluxion)
  2. Wazza (+ Trochilidae)
  3. TrustworthyLiberal (+ KyoDaz)
  4. katze (+ sulit)
  5. Ephemeral (+ Maple)
  6. YouButWorse (+ EliThePsycho)
  7. Marshal (+ Blizer)
  8. GGhana (+ Min)
  9. Vulgard (+ Nightingale)


  • DatBird
  • ATNoName
  • Whysper
  • an_gorta_pratai
  • ArcticXI
  • eevee


  • Jane (uninformed)
  • thepigeonnyc (informed)
  • astand (informed)
  • Shurian (uninformed)




Don’t talk yet

SoD1 flavor

ok so disclaimer I know like two things about the flavor for this game so this might not be super accurate

consider it creative license

You awaken on a boat.

You frown, trying to remember how you arrived here. But try as you might, you can’t recall. The last thing you remember is going to sleep in your own bed, at your own house, which is decisively on land and not at all a boat.

You look around your room, and see blinking red lights on the floor. You slide the door open, and follow the lights down the corridor of a ship. As you walk down the hallway, you notice that the doors are all numbered. Nine, eight, seven… You count down in your head as you walk down the hallway, before you finally reach the ship’s galley. In the room with you are eight other people, all looking around the room with blank expressions.

Suddenly, a screen in the corner of the room flickers to life, and you see what seems to be a giant tattooed white rabbit on it. The rabbit bounces slightly. “Good morning, everyone! Welcome to my game!”

“Game?” asks one of the people standing next to you.

“That’s right!” says the rabbit, and for a moment you wonder how they knew what to respond. “I’ve selected the nine of you to play in a game of life and death. Each of you will be locked in a series of escape rooms. Escape, and I’ll let all of you go free. But if you can’t make it out before the time is up, you’ll have to choose someone to expel from the ship! And by the way … I also kidnapped your closest friends, and I’m making each of them go through the same thing! Good luck!”

You freeze for a moment, your best friend’s face flashing in your mind. The last time you saw her was two days ago, when you met up to play D&D. Now you might never see her again. You clench your fists; you have to get out of here, for her sake.

The rabbit pauses for a moment. “And by the way, I left one thing out. I sent two of you to sabotage your efforts!”

The screen flickers off, and the lights on the floor return, creating arrows that point towards the kitchen. You hesitate for a moment, before following them. As the last of you enters the room, you hear the door click. You shake at the handle, but nothing happens.

On the wall, a timer flashes to life. 36:00:00.

Day 1 starts! It will end at 10 PM CST tomorrow, or 2021-01-16T04:00:00Z


okay so…I don’t know what’s going on atm


hard claiming gamer girl Bathwater salesman

whoever visits me tonight will get Bathwater so I’m self resolving


as dictated by the law

our game plan today is to policy execute the person who shitposts the least

mmmyes reject werewolf return to monke

dead meme

@Arete can you get rid of the “posts need to be at least 10 characters” thing

you’ve had way too much time.


when i told my mom i wanted to be a hollywood star she laughed at me

how the turn tables

/vote Ephemeral @Arete

you’re trying too hard

/vote katze @Arete

you’re katze

this is distancing


are we actually supposed to ping arete when we vote or are y’all just trying to spam their notif box

I mean this is a PM so they presumably get a notif for every post

it helps our important votes not get lost at sea